Makes Me Laugh

Chalean Extreme Push Circuit 3 – COMPLETED

I don’t know how I managed to get a strength workout in but I am thrilled. I hope this is the start to a morning routine. I was pushing it, but we only left 5-minutes later than our normal time. Routine: Wake up, change diaper, quick breakfast, prepare Lili’s lunch, work out, changed Lili and Sebastian’s clothes, shower, get ready for work and out the door. I wanted to stop at Dunkin this morning, but I forgot my wallet. Ugh. I did talk to Cici on my way to work and glad we both got to chat. It makes my morning commute so much brighter.

Also, last night I was able to get home by 5:40. If I continue to just pick up kids and leave right away, I could get SO much more done. I was able to cook dinner, put a load of laundry in, eat and feed everyone, wash dishes, give kids a bath and put them down. When they were down, I folded a load and then relaxed a bit. I finally turned in around 11. Perfect NIGHT!

I’m also happy there are leftovers for me tonight. I made meatballs.


And while they were baking in the oven first, Lili was excited about her gift from Auntie Cici.



She is a pip. She opens it so dramatic with a loud, “ahhhh… I love it!!!! Congratulations!” I have no idea why she said congratulations. Then she proceeded to say, “I’m going to eat this piece of chocolate now!” I told her to wait till after dinner, but too late. She ripped open the Snickers bar. I found it weird because she usually doesn’t eat Snickers.

If you watch Seinfeld, you’ll appreciate this next thing. A few minutes later, while Lili stands on her owl stool, she says, “Mommmmmmmmmy, I need a fork!” Okay, she needed a fork to eat her snickers bar.


Cracking up!

What’s your favorite chocolate? I really do eat any chocolate that is around. I mean, SERIOUSLY. I don’t like Milky Ways but if there’s NOTHING else around, I will eat it!!! HA

3 thoughts on “Makes Me Laugh

  1. Yum those meatballs look awesome!! I am so sore today. I went back to Bodypump last night and it has been forever since I’ve gone. Definitely putting it back in my routine because I miss lifting heavy! It was funny going too because some of the people that are in my spin class were there and they were like, ‘What are you doing here?’ I’m like geez…instructors need to work out too! lol…have a great day!

    • HAHAHAAH. I am dying at the last comment. So true, instructors need to workout TOO!!!! I haven’t gone to an actual fitness class (well, except for spin) in YEARS. I remember how sore it used to make me feel. I’m hoping that I can get to running in the pool tonight. XOXO

  2. I love, love, love chocolate! It’s getting tricky now I’m trying to cut out all milk products and that includes milk chocolate! What’s wrong with me?! But I am naughty even now and then have a caramel bar but normally stick to dark chocolate orange or dark chocolate mint! But if you put a tin of Roses or Quality Street in front of, I have absolutely no self control! Well done for squeezing in a workout this morning! Can you still workout at work?

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