Making Lists (and Checking Them Off)

Track Tuesday 3.25-Miles with Cici – COMPLETED

I still use a planner to write things down and check them off. I try to schedule my week in advance but it doesn’t always work out that way. I had two loads of laundry and to cook arroz con pollo (Spanish chicken rice) for dinner, on my to-do list and crossed it off! It felt good. However, I wasn’t able to get a strength workout in. Oh well.


P was out last night and I was a single mom. I came home with kids by 5:40 and started dinner. I put a load of laundry in, finished cooking, fed the kids and ate dinner, washed the dishes, put a load in the dryer and another in the wash and then gave the kids a bath. I laid out their clothes for the next day, gave Lili a nebulizer treatment and read them books before they went down. By 9PM, I was putting a load in the dryer and folding the other clothes. P just came home and I fixed him a plate to eat but he didn’t want to eat yet. We talked for a bit and then I went to sleep by 11:30. Exhausted.

I was excited though because I was meeting Cici for a track workout. We woke up at 6:45 and I prepared Lili’s lunch. Then I got the kids dressed, I showered, put some clothes away and then we were out the door by 7:50.

Track Tuesday

Track Tuesday

It’s arm warmer season. Love, love, love these arm warmers. I got them from the 2012 NYC Marathon expo (the marathon that never happened). Anyhow, I dropped Sebastian off at my in-law’s then met up with Cici.


I love this girl. We talked about A LOT of things including our next races. I’m signing up for a marathon in March and I have high hopes for this particular one. In between that big race I have a 5k that I want to race as well as a Half Marathon. I have some little races that I plan to run this month also. Nothing big. For now, I’m taking this month to focus on RECOVERY!!! Hopefully I will be hitting the pool for some pool running. I had to dig deep into the closet to find my pool running shoes.


I think I last wore these back in 2010. I still can’t seem to find my floatation belt. Another “to-do” that will be on my list.

Post run, I got into Cici’s car and headed to Dunkin’ for some Pumpkin Iced. YUM. There was a bag on the ground that was for me from Cici. She’s so awesome. She gave the kids a Halloween gift. Now that I recall, when we were doing a long run together after we found out that NYC was canceled, she gave Lili a Halloween bag. She’s the best.


How cute is she? Best Auntie Cici ever. We love you girl.

Okay, so do you still write in a planner or do you use an online calendar, i.e. google calendar, iPhone calendar, etc.?

It’s Election Day. Are you getting your vote on?

I am doing some ankle exercises while I type this up. I can’t wait to start training again. 🙂

Happy Tuesday!


4 thoughts on “Making Lists (and Checking Them Off)

  1. I use a diary/planner, though I can remember most dates without writing them down. To do list, I write everyday and try to do a month ahead things to do and buy list, a trick I picked up from Chalene Johnson 30 day push challenge. When I stick to it it works!

    How do the arm warmers work? Are they like compression socks for arms or actual arm warmers? I don’t like running in t-shirts and it’s getting too cold for just tanks. My arms get chilly and it’s not jacket running weather yet! Well, maybe today. It tipped it down all morning and it’s so cold this evening!

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