November Challenge?

I mentioned that I am interested in joining my MIL’s gym (which happens to be down the street from my house as well). My MIL thinks that I should wait until their joiner fee is “waived”, which isn’t until December. So here’s what I know. I’m not sure if I want to join alone or as an adult + children. Here’s the breakdown.

Alone: $50 Joiner’s Fee + $51/month = $101
Adult + Children: $75 Joiner Fee + 68/month = $143

The gym has a pool, all fitness classes included, machines/equipment, yoga, daycare etc. My MIL suggested just doing it alone and using my guest passes for when I want to bring the kids to swim. Maybe that’s not such a bad idea. My main reason is I want to run in the pool while I heal up. I’m almost ready for a pavement run, but honestly, I would rather run in the pool. It really helped me back in 2010 during my IT band injuries and I definitely want to get back in. I even looked for my aqua jogging shoes. Thank goodness I was able to dig them out. So what can I do for the time being? I could take a running in the pool class at another gym – $60/6 classes. But I mean, if I do that then I might as well just pay the %50 joiner fee. Right? There’s also this yoga class on Tuesday nights at this one studio. $10/class, I might as well get them at the gym whenever I want — though I guess that will also depend on the times they’re offering. I think I’ll just have to check out their class schedules.

For now, I’m thinking of doing this as my November Challenge.

30-Day Nap Challenge

30-Day Nap Challenge

Mayhaps I will double up too. 🙂

I had no idea what I wanted to eat for lunch today, so I got breakfast. A ham and cheese omelette and sausages. So good.



You know you have problems at work when the hardest question you have to answer is, “What do you want for lunch?” EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!!!!

What do you usually eat for lunch?

Do you put ketchup on your eggs?
I do. Some people find it vulgar. Yeah, I’m using that word because some people look at me as if I broke a law. It’s not like I put ketchup on my spaghetti (My husband does that…).

13 thoughts on “November Challenge?

  1. Lol to the nap schedule. Your best bet for the gym would be to wait until December but if you don’t want to then it’s better to join now IF you join alone because if you join with the kids, wait til Dec do those $60 pool classes & piyo lol (still saves you $15). Anyway, yes I put ketchup on my eggs! I don’t understand why people find that weird, it’s sooo common! So many people do it!

    • I agree. I think I might join on Friday. I’m going to see how it goes. My MIL says I could use all her guest passes and she would come with me to sign me in, but she really only has 3. I just wish there was a Y that would let you use their pool on a pay daily basis. That would make my life so much easier. I have to see if they would freeze accounts too. Like if I didn’t want to go for a month.

      And yes, I don’t know why people get grossed out with ketchup on eggs. It’s SO normal. If anything it’s abnormal if YOU don’t!!!! LOL

  2. I could quite happily put ketchup on virtually everything! Okay, not apples, berries, but you get the idea. Even on alone on bread like a spread is delicious! And not any kind will do, only Heniz (and now they do a bio one, even more!)! When I ate eggs, it was heaven with fired eggs and scrambled eggs!

    • You would totally be able to stay in our house as a guest or forever — though that would mean we’d have to buy our ketchup (and yes, HEINZ — Pedro is always like, “Really mom? Hunts Ketchup?”) in BULK!!!! I usually eat scrambled eggs but now, I make omlettes. They’re my favorite. And yes, with ketchup, always!!!!!

    • HA! It happened late August when I realized how much I would rely on my blog to remember certain events. Well, of course I missed you gals also. 🙂 I need to catch up with you as well!!! Did someone turn 3 in September??? Where does the time go?

    • Oh, that’s a new one… hot sauce on eggs. Interesting. I mean, I’m sure it’s not unheard of — or maybe that’s a TX thing? I remember watching Selena and she loved hot sauce on everything. HAHAH.

      • No it’s not a Texas thing, I put hot sauce on my eggs sometimes too especially when I’m eating clean & don’t have time tomake breakfast at home, I’ll get plain eggwhites at work & add hot sauce & lil ketchup for flavor lol. The hot sauce is out next to the salt & pepper in the cafeteria at work so I think a lot of ppl do it. I use the hot sauce/ketchup combo on fried chicken wings too but I eat those like once every decade lol

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