Ankle Update

Thank you all for your recent comments and advice and especially warm and well wishes. My ankle is feeling A LOT better. Yesterday, I picked up an ankle brace that my doctor didn’t have in his office on Monday night.

Fix me Up

Fix me Up

I had been wearing a bandage for the time being but was happy to have the brace. It felt so much better than the bandage. The bandage wasn’t giving me as much support and it was kind of itchy. The new brace gives me stability. I am at about 80-85% better and there is absolutely NO pain if I am just sitting or even standing. The bulk of the pain comes in spurts if I am going down the stairs. Never up the stairs. I can tell it’s weak — so what does this mean? It most like means this:

NYC 2015

NYC 2015

I am giving my ankle a rest and will most likely cancel and run in 2015. I haven’t hit the “cancel” button yet as they give you up to October 30th to make that decision. 🙂 I have been laying off the ankle though here and there I do some strength and core. I don’t want to lose my fitness. So how will I regain my strength?

1. Running in the Pool x 2-3 a week;
2. YOGA x2 a week
3. Strength and Core
4. Turkey Trot/Races
5. PR on the Hangover 5k

I absolutely LOVE winter running so I want to be 110%. I want to work on my speed. I want to be fast. I want to run forever.

What workouts do you do when coming of an injury?

How do you maintain fitness when injured?


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