Shoo Flu, Don’t Bother Us!

Well, yesterday was NOT how I expected it to turn out. After work on Monday, I scooped up the kids to see that Lili was really stuffed up. She did not seem to be getting much better. She still had an appetite, but that was it. Then, that night, while we were sleeping, Sebastian started to get really stuffy. He couldn’t breathe out of his nose. Poor kid. I tried to flush his nose out but he wasn’t cooperating, so we just dealt with it. I dropped the kids off at my in-laws but told them that I was going to try to schedule an appointment at the doctor’s office. I got to work and the “latest” time I could get was 11:30. I was hoping I could get an appointment at around 3-4, but that was the best they could give me. I took a bunch of files home to work on. So I had to leave the office at 10:40 to scoop up the kids. Of course, I was running crazy late and hit traffic. The worst part was, as I was driving to my in-law’s, I look down and notice my wedding band is missing!!!! AHHHHHHH. I panic, call the office to ask the girls to look. I was 99% sure I was wearing it at work, BUT they’re loose — and when the office is an icebox, they’re even more loose. Unfortunately, they search high and low and nothing. There wasn’t much I could do. I really needed to just focus on the kids.

I get to the kids 10 minutes later than I had planned and we were 5 minutes late to the appointment. We also had to wait to be seen. I knew it was going to be a wait since they were squeezing a “sick” visit into their schedule. It’s just annoying that they would say 11:30 when we wouldn’t actually be seen until after 1PM.

It'll be okay, little bro.

It’ll be okay, little bro.

Sick & Happy (till the doctor comes in)...

Sick & Happy (till the doctor comes in)…

So, they redid the strep test and it came out negative. The doctor feels it’s just a bad cold and I say, “Well, what about the flu?” She says that she doesn’t think it’s the flu because Lili hasn’t had a persistent fever. I mention that all day yesterday she was exhausted and just wanted to sleep. So she said that if I wanted to have her take the flu test for peace of mind, then they can do it. Well, I mean, yes, that’s why I am here. I was a little annoyed because it’s not really a difficult test — just a swab up the nose to test. The doctor said they would just do Lili’s first because she had the fever — and if hers comes out positive, then they’ll test Sebastian’s. We wait again — tick-tock-tick-tock. I hear the doctor and she says to the nurse, “It’s positive for the flu???? Oh no!!!” So yeah, Lili has the flu. She calls in her prescription and then they test Sebastian. His comes back negative (He recently had the first part of his flu shot but still needs to go back for the second part). Of course, Lili is contagious for the next five days — and now we need to make sure that Sebastian doesn’t get the flu.

We also decided to take turns on taking off. Honestly, we don’t want any of the grandparents getting sick. So P took off today and I will take off tomorrow. It’s just easier and everyone else can remain healthy. 🙂 Last night was tough — Sebastian still had a hard time breathing through his nose. Lili woke up and almost vomited at one point but then got too scared and couldn’t stop crying. I cleaned out her nose and then she went back to bed. Exhausting night, indeed. Just 4 more days of Tamiflu.

So, since P took off today, I came to work and started to look for my wedding band. I searched and searched. Two hours later, still nothing. I start looking through files I was looking through and BAM, right by my printer, on top of a file, there was my ring!!! I knew it was at the office.

And on a last note, it’s been feeling more like fall these last few days, so on Monday I broke out the mini-crock pot at work. I had some leftover lentils from Friday night’s dinner. I ordered a salad and a side of sweet potato fries.

Lunch Post Run

Lunch Post Run

Today, I ordered a Greek Wrap with grilled chicken. Yum.

Do you pack your lunch or order in?

Do you get your flu shot? When was the last time you got the flu?

I’m off to figure out if I can squeeze in a run or not.


2 thoughts on “Shoo Flu, Don’t Bother Us!

  1. I hope Lili and Sebastian feel better soon. If not for them, then for their Mama! No flu shots for me! Can’t remember the last time I got flu. I think about 5 years ago. I get tickly coughs, blocked noses and a sometimes few days of everything hurts, even my hair. So maybe that is the flu, but nothing like when I was a kid and knocked out for a week!

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