Hello October

Run/Strength – PENDING

I did my track workout with Cici yesterday and all I could say is, THANK GOD for her. I was cramping and not feeling it. She was EXHAUSTED. Together we were just not motivated. In a way, I was hoping she was going to say, “hey, I’m not feeling it; you’re not feeling it… let’s just do an easy run?” I would have chimed in. But she didn’t, so I didn’t and so 1.2 miles and dynamic stretches later, we started our 5k trial.

At each mile, I wanted to give up and say, “Just go… I’m gonna just take it easy!” But I kept by her side — and 12 laps + a tenth later, we were DONE!!!!



Cici brought me her apple dessert dish that she made on Sunday. It looked so good I couldn’t wait for dessert.

Dessert for ME

Dessert for ME

I warmed it up for 30 seconds and added the topping she gave me.



Almost tastes like apple pie without the whole crust. In any event, I finished the entire serving she gave and I don’t regret it! It was SO good.

On a funny matter, Monday I picked up Lili at my FIL’s house and she came running over to me in this ridiculous outfit that he changed her into.

Like my Outfit, mom?

Like my Outfit, mom?

Yes, she’s wearing her brother’s onesie as a shirt backwards as well as her shorts. HYSTERICAL. We were cracking up.

And the serious note, my daughter is beyond picky when it comes to eating. Of course she likes the usual junk that any other kid would love. One positive thing is she loves fruits. BUT, the only other foods that come out of her menu are rice (white and/or yellow), omelettes, soups, noodles. Packing her school lunch box is driving me up the wall. She will eat peanut butter but no nuts in school. Coming home, I get disappointed and worrisome for her because 75% of the time, she hardly eats a bite and comes home famished. I tried explaining to her that she needs to eat for energy to learn and play. I do pack her rice, but she’s also a very slow eater, so I don’t know if she just has the time to feed herself. I asked her what the other kids eat and she says, “sandwiches”. So today, I tried to make her an omelette sandwich.

Lili's Lunch

Lili’s Lunch

I hope today is a better day for her at lunch. It’s coming to the point where I’m concerned for her health. She won’t eat cold cuts. I’m going to try and see if she likes jelly/jam. Maybe that could be an option.

Do you remember what you ate for lunch in elementary school?

My grandmother usually packed me peanut butter sandwiches. This was before the whole, “no nut” allergy. I never ever bought school lunch. I do know that Lili’s school lunch is $1.40. I wouldn’t dare spend it because it would go in the garbage. My kid doesn’t eat PIZZA. Is she really my kid?

Favorite Fall Dessert?
I do like me some warm apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

Share your recipe!!!!


11 thoughts on “Hello October

  1. You’re so inspirational! I swear, so since I will have to (by obligation this time) begin running soon, when you cramp up, you just keep going? You know I love to work out but run not even a lil teeny weeny bit LOL (I tried to like it but it has never happened…maybe one day?) Anyway, is that the advice you would give a new comer? Bc when I read cramping for a mile I’m like holy sh*t how the hell? LOL, I guess since I don’t enjoy running I use those as a reason to quick (eh just psychoanalyzed myself there) LOL. As for Lili, the girl’s eating habits scream I’m half Latina half Asian…I mean rice & noodles? LOL. The no PB thing sucks! do they allow sunflower seed butter perhaps?? That’s not a nut. I know that brand sunbutter is nut free. I have seen apple & nut butter sandwiches (since she loves fruit you use apples as the bread) perhaps with a side of cheese?? That blog you told me about (100 days of real food) she used to post her kids lunches on FB all the time. Oh but Lili how could you not like pizza? It’s ONE of my favorite foods! Emphasis on one bc I love too many! LOL..oh and favorite fall desserts everything apple and/or pumpkin!

    • You are so awesome. Thanks for your tips and advice. We need to figure something out. And yes, she is totally asian/latina (latisian?). Anyway, no joke, when we go out to eat, I pack her rice and/or noodles. There’s no sense in getting her chicken nuggets or mac and cheese — it will go to waste. I’m so happy that Sebastian is at least opened to eating anything and everything — including paper and cardboard. That kid puts anything and everything into his mouth. I’m like, ‘Oh you’re eating paper? So I don’t need to feed you lunch now?”

      As for running with a cramp: Just slow down your pace and whatever side your cramp hurts, take a harder step with an exhale on that side when you hit the ground. If that makes any type of sense. Cici was telling me that she read that in one of the running magazines and sure enough, the pain subsided. I think you should try looking for a 5k. OR my girlfriend started running and she lives near you. You should meet up with her. She would love to run with someone. 🙂 She runs by the water. Let me know and I can link you guys up. She’s one of my best friends that is extremely sweet and nice. I mean, her name is “Rachel”. I think that sums it up. HAHAHA

    • I also forgot to say, “I know. How can she not love pizza?” Well, here’s the thing. Throughout my pregnancy with her, anytime I ate pizza, I threw it all up. Go figure. She really didn’t like it then so why would she like it now? I remember almost crying bc all I wanted was pizza but I couldn’t stomach it. Ugh.

  2. oh forgot the recipes ok so these cookies have been an extreme hit I always get request for them & I never ever make my own pie crust (ain’t nobody got time for that lol) I have used fresh apples to make the filling & apple pie filling when in a time crunch & it’s fabulous either way! http://www.food-pusher.com/2012/04/dutch-apple-pie-lettes-apple-pie.html . Another crowd favorite was these salted caramel hand pies, this is also divine but I found it to be more tedious & time consuming so next time maybe I’ll make it as one big pie http://www.justataste.com/2012/09/salted-caramel-apple-hand-pies-recipe/. I have other recipes I love but since you love apple pie I think you’d love these ! and I mean LOVE!

    • Awesome!!! i am definitely going to give these a try!!! Especially that apple one. PS I’ve only made my pie crusts twice. NOW, pshhhh… Pillsbury Dough Boy is my homeboy.

  3. I am so proud of us for pushing through on Track Tuesday. We were EXHAUSTED and now here I am all crampy… I don’t know how you ran as well as you did! But the good news is that the crampiness is behind us, and we should be good to go for race day 🙂

    • I really don’t know how we did it. I was really waiting for you to say, “let’s just do an easy run”. So glad you were there. I don’t know how you do it but you make me a better runner. LOL

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