Track Tuesday

3:00 PM: Rolling 800s – PENDING

I’m taking a late lunch today, really, should I even come back to the office? I probably will just to change and freshen up before scooping up the kids. We’re doing Rolling 800s today and it will look like this, thanks to Coach Vinny.

1-mile WU
2-3 Rolling 800s (800m @5k pace, 200m recovery, 400m sprint, 400 recovery)
1-mile CD

Cici and I are running together!!! I’m so excited. Although we talk daily, we’re one of those, “Ahhhh, I MISS YOU!! WHEN ARE WE RUNNING???” friends — even if we did just run a marathon or track workout or tempo, etc. She makes me a better runner. She has one more lesson and then she’s checking out. I should probably pump soon.

Update on Sebastian’s doctor’s appointment. Poor guy has strep throat also. 😦 P took care of him yesterday and he said for most of the day he was out of it and tired.

Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football

I picked Lili up from school and took her back to work with me. She was such a pleasure (as always) and she face-timed her brother to see how he was feeling.



Really, though, she got a lollipop from the bank downstairs from my job and she was showing it off to both her brother and father. After work, Lili and I headed over to pick up Sebastian’s meds at the pharmacy. We came across this…



I’m not crazy about clowns… but I love Halloween.

And two things I am loving: I found a pair of mint pants that I bought back in 2012. I thought I gave it away, but lo and behold, they were in my closet.



I picked up pumpkin coffee this morning at Dunkin Donuts along with these bad boys.

Dunkin Pumpkin K-Cups

Dunkin Pumpkin K-Cups

Oh, I will be excited for the weekend to come!!! 🙂

Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks or Coffee Bean? Which one do you go to? I usually go to DD because it’s on the way to work. And less expensive and still just as good, IMO.

Iced or Latte? ICED!! But if it’s really cold out, definitely latte or just hot.


4 thoughts on “Track Tuesday

    • I saw you walked out with the passes. HAHAH. At least you do live close by, though I’m sure it wouldn’t have been a huge deal if you brought it back the next time?!? XO

  1. I love running with you too!! Coach Vinny’s advice to get on the same training schedule as you two years ago was the best advice EVAR!!!!

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