The Tradeoff

11:00 AM: 5-miles Run (5k speed work) – COMPLETED

I need to get back into the habit of working out in the morning. It’s been tough with a new fall schedule. Two days a week, my in-laws can pick up Lili. P does drop-off, while I do pick-up. While we did sign up for after-care, I’m thinking of canceling it because I don’t want to have Lili stay later than she has to at school. Unfortunately, this week was a little off because my in-laws took a last minute trip to Niagra Falls and so I had to pick her up Monday and Tuesday. I am truly lucky to work in an awesome office that doesn’t mind me bringing my daughter back for two hours. It takes me an hour and 10-15 minutes to pick her up and come back to the office and honestly, I love having her here.

My Funny Face

My Funny Face

She is so awesome. She works quietly, watches a movie, eats her snacks, helps me work, etc. Everyone enjoys having her here.

Time to go HOME!

Time to go HOME!

On days that I will have to pick her up means that I won’t be able to run at lunch. As much as I love the fall weather, I’d take seeing the look on sweet Lili’s face over a run at lunch. She is ecstatic to see me when I pick her up from school. It’s a tradeoff but Lili takes the CAKE!

Shhh... I'm watching a movie.

Shhh… I’m watching a movie.

What does this all mean? Well, it means I have to either (1) get up early and workout or (2) workout at night. I’m more of a morning person when it comes to working out — GOD bless your souls for those that workout at night. It’s HARD!!! On Monday night, I ended up working out after 9PM.

Monday Night Football + Monday Night Workout

Monday Night Football + Monday Night Workout

Baby only woke up once during that workout. Yesterday, Cici and I discussed our future running plans — we get so excited when we discuss anything related to running. We even spoke to Coach and he gave us our options. After looking at it, we were scheduled for a Tuesday Track Workout. I had to pick up Lili so no lunch workout, but I changed with intentions of getting my track workout on the tread. It did not work out that way — oh well. So I knew I would have to workout at some point today and thank goodness, my in-laws are back so they said they would scoop up Lili. As much as she begged for me to pick her up today and as much as I will miss her cute face, I was excited to get my TRACK workout IN!!!!



(The sheet below is actually the cheat sheet for treadmills, which originally I was going to do). We did a 5k speed workout, so actually it worked out better that it wasn’t on a treadmill. I think that would be way too boring. So I was happy it was on the track. I actually called the high school track (1-mile from my job) to see if it was okay to run on during school hours. While “Forgiveness is better than obtaining permission” — I would much rather just be safe than sorry. The athletics department gave me the OKAY! So I headed out at 11am. Here’s what it looked like:

1-mile WU (run to the track 9:45 min/mi)




5k Breakdown:
Mile 1 @ 7:55 min/mi
Mile 2 @ 7:50 min/mi
Mile 3 @ 7:55
.10 @ .27

1-Mile CD (run back to the office 10:00 min/mi)



Celeste had an amazing speed workout yesterday. We were very close but shined out with a 23:17 5k (and that’s just practice).

And there you have it. I was excited about it and am excited to run with Celeste! We are starting to feel like we’re coming back with our speed and ready to utilize Coach Vinny’s training plans!!!

What are your future running goals?
While mine is to be faster, I’m just trying to really get to where I was pre-pregnancy. I felt like I was at my fittest and fastest, but I think know I could be faster. Cici thinks I don’t give myself enough credit. She is right!!!

Okay, I’ll be waiting for Lili to call me in a few to tell me how her day went. Just a quick update: She only cried on her first day and yesterday, her teacher said she’s starting to be more vocal AND she is talking in full complete sentences whereas the other children don’t yet. How amazing is that??? I’m so proud of her. 🙂

Happy Wednesday.


9 thoughts on “The Tradeoff

  1. Cici is correct, you don’t give yourself credit.

    I love that you can bring Lili to work! What cute pictures of her. 🙂

    As for running goals… my goal has been to get back into mid distance shape and not feel like I’m dying on a 6-8 mile run. And to work on getting my hamstring rehab so it doesn’t ache so much. After that, I want to do a sub 2-hour 1/2 marathon again. Small goals… I have a 15K race in 2.5 weeks. Oh, and lose 10 more pounds and get back to my 2012 weight (before all the work stress added weight and before I tore my hamstring). I did my first PiYo workout and love it – great addition for post run stretch & strengthen.

    Great job on getting your workouts in at night. It’s *tough*

    • You know, 2012 is the best weight of my life too. You totally can lose it. And how funny that our Gemini traits also have the same goals. I haven’t had a sub 2 hour 1/2 mary since (gulp) 2008. Does that even count anymore? Does it get deleted? I need to get on the ball here so that is also a mini-goal of mine. And did you know, I’ve never ran a 15k ever??? There’s the hot chocolate one that I would love to do one day… We’ll see. Miss you so much and want to hear more about future wedding plans.

      • Wait a minute!! What about the sub-2:00 that you pulled off on the treadmill when you were sick and pregnant?! Doesn’t that count?? I think so!!!!

  2. 23min for 5km! You’re one speedy lady! I don’t like working out late at night. I feel too stretchy for weights, but if I run, I’m fast(er). It’s the after effect of to wired to sleep or crash straight away I don’t like!

  3. Awww! I’m so proud of Lili for doing so well at school! Your time together in the office sounds so sweet!

    And HELL YEAH about our plans to get our speed back! I got a big, goofy grin on my face after reading that bit about how you know you can go faster 😀 YOU CAN AND YOU WILL!!!!

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