School’s Back from the Summer Break

11:00 AM: 60-Min Run – COMPLETED

Is your newsfeed looking like every friend or family’s kid is starting school today? How about traffic? Do you have to leave a little earlier so you could get to work on time? Or are you a teacher and back at the school?

In other news, my niece, Scarlett, started Kindergarten today.

1st Day of School

1st Day of School

She didn’t cry! There were 5 out of 26 kids that cried today. Awww.. It breaks my heart. I cried every single morning in Kindergarten. I wouldn’t let my mom see me crying. I tried to be brave but as soon as she drove away, I broke down. I hope that Lili does better than me.

P had dinner last night with his brother so I was alone with the kiddos. I didn’t get home from my in-law’s until after 7. I fed the kids, gave them a bath and put them to bed by 8:30. EXHAUSTED. I started to feel sick from my dinner and pretty much vomited everything I ate. Lovely. P came home around 11 so I hung out with him and finally slept at around midnight. Actually it was after midnight. I was watching some movie on Netflix.

Needless to say, I was half asleep this morning. I wish I had time to get an iced coffee but I settled for some “free” coffee at work. I did a few things, followed by pumping then changing into my running clothes. Ahhhhhh, the joys of being able to run at lunch — and at an earlier time.

It felt much hotter today than yesterday — so I did 20-minutes on the road and 40-minutes in the trail!

SoMo Trails

SoMo Trails

Ahhh, Shade… I was so happy.

Shady Trail

Shady Trail

I just wish I had my trail shoes on…


How’s your newsfeed looking? Lots of kiddos going to school? How about morning traffic?

Who’s ready for some football? Or do you hate football?


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