Happy Earth Day

5-Mile Run – COMPLETED

Happy Earth Day! We will be celebrating tonight at the Chestnut Chateau. Okay, really though, we’re celebrating my MIL’s 65th birthday, but I had you thinking we were really celebrating Earth Day, right?!?

Happy Birthday, Abueli

Happy Birthday, Abueli

Just thinking about the above-picture, I did “recycle” that balloons from my brother’s birthday dinner on Friday night. Now that’s using my noggin.

After work yesterday, the SUN was beaming and it was a nice 60-degrees, if not warmer. We took our time at my mom’s but as I was about to get into the car, I had to take advantage and bring the kids to the park. Lili was ecstatic.

Never Sick of This!!!

Never Sick of This!!!

Finally fell asleep.

Finally fell asleep.

We ended up leaving the park around 7:10 and as soon as we got home, I started dinner. P was already eating — I knew that he was famished. So I got my food ready and the kids — fed both of them and then gave them baths. Sebastian slept right away. Lili, she gave me a bit of hard time but finally went down at 9:30. P and I watched two episodes of Breaking Bad and then I called it a night.

I ran 5-miles at lunch — I was hoping to get up and run with Tamar but there was no way the kids and I were waking up. So, a 5-mile at lunch it was and today I dedicated my run to Infertility Awareness week. I attached the link if you are interested in reading more on it.

5-Miles for NIAW

5-Miles for NIAW

When I got back, my lunch was waiting for me.

Salad and Sushi

Salad and Sushi

Now I’m hungry again.

Is it just me or do you get hungry an hour or two after eating Chinese/Japanese food?

Anybody ever go out mid-week for dinner?

This will be Sebastian’s third time dining out — I’m hoping things go well. Two kids under 3 out to dinner, hey at least it’s a Tuesday night and not a Friday (I probably just jinxed myself!).

Okay, I gotta work. I have SO MUCH WORK TO DO!!! I’m such a slacker this afternoon.


3 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day

    • Ohhhhhh — and I was just thinking, “do people go out mid-week?” I’m such a loser, not to mention a grandma… HAHA. Enjoy your sushi. I can’t wait to see what you get.

      • I may or may not be the annoying blogger tonight who whips out their phone to take a picture of my food. LOL! And no, I RARELY go out during the week since I’m always working. So it’s a real treat. 😉

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