Egg-celent Evening

6:40 AM: 3.5-Mile Run – COMPLETED

I had a bunch of errands to run today at lunch so I was determined to just get on the tread this morning. Yesterday was a really dreary, rainy day. Today, it’s hard to believe that we had 80-degree weather on Sunday to 22-degree weather this morning. Insane. Anyway, Cici happened to be in my neck of the woods yesterday and I happened to be free, so we met up for lunch. I had the salad bar with a side of sweet potatoes and her, the soup with the loaded baked potato. She couldn’t finish it so she took half.



Originally, she had it angled in a slightly perverted way facing towards me… We both agreed and cracked up about it.



Yeah, you really can’t tell here and I would rather not say. πŸ˜› We had a great time and I was over my lunch hour but got a message that everyone was gone for the day so I could take my time. The rest of the afternoon at work was nice and quiet. I was hoping to slide out a little early but then it started to down pour and I wanted to wait till it stopped.

I got to my in-laws around 5:15 (I did leave 10-minutes earlier) and Sabrina did most of the setting up for our egg project.

Hard-Boiled Eggs - CHECK

Hard-Boiled Eggs – CHECK

Decorating Station - CHECK

Decorating Station – CHECK

Dyeing Water - CHECK

Dyeing Water – CHECK

I prepped the ziti and it was the oven. My MIL was making some chicken on the side. We did most of the dyeing before dinner.

Decorating our Eggs

Decorating our Eggs



Jules & Lili

Jules & Lili

Working Hard

Working Hard

We stopped around 6-6:15 to eat dinner. My FIL was hungry. I nursed Sebastian a little before I fed him some solids. Lili wasn’t eating her soup to well so we ended up blending the beans and veggies.

Uhhhhh... why is it green?

Uhhhhh… why is it green?

She refused it at first, but then I ate some and she saw my smile of deliciousness — so took a bite. It worked.

Baked Ziti

Baked Ziti

We had some coffee, fruits and desserts before finishing the eggs.

Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches



A Unicorn and Something Else.

A Unicorn and Something Else.

We had a great time. I fed the baby once last time before we headed home. It was close to 8 and I still needed to give the kids a bath. Pedro was at the Knicks v. Nets game, so I was a single mom last night. The kids were bathed and put to bed by 8:45 and I’m a little embarrassed that I fell right to sleep with them. What.A.Night!

Tonight, P gets to spend time with the kids. I’ll be home for most of the night but then I’m taking the kids out and we’re heading over to my favorite coffee spot. I’ll most likely leave as soon as Sebastian goes down. I’m guessing this will be close to 9pm. I probably won’t be home until close to midnight. Let’s hope I make it through the night.

We are going to really have to hustle to get our egg/scavenger hunt project together. I’ve got most of the supplies and some of the clues — now we just need to bring it altogether.

BTW, my MIL makes an amazing cake with a lemon glaze. She’s going to give me the recipe and I’m going to make it into a pound cake!! I’m so excited.

Do you have a homemade, baked from scratch cake, recipe? Please share!

What’s your “trademark” dessert? The dessert that everyone always asks you to bake for parties?

What about your dish?

Happy Hump Day!


2 thoughts on “Egg-celent Evening

  1. So funny because I was thinking (it’s a slow day)…it’s about time that Rachel does a blog post! And then I refreshed the page and there you were πŸ˜‰ The easter egg dyeing looks fun! I like to do that with my baby cousins every year. I don’t have a trademark dish I don’t think? If I think of one I will get back to you. LOL

    • Well, I still need to try your Spaghetti Butternut Squash. Now, that sounds delicious!!! I must try soon!!!!

      You need to send me some of your motivation. I am so jealous of your amazing workouts! The only arm workouts I’m getting these days is when I carry the baby in the car seat. My one arm is going to be jacked this summer. I better switch it up.

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