Chalean Extreme Push Circuit 3 – COMPLETED


I’m up in the air with whether I will run at lunch today. It’s going to be a beautiful, sunshine day. Unfortunately, I haven’t done any food shopping since we were so preoccupied with the Baptism. So I do really need to do a food shop. I figured I could walk over to Trader Joe’s. I just hate giving up a run on a day like today. Perhaps I could run with the kids after work? It’s supposed to get cloudy later on though, so I don’t know if that will work. I could go food shopping with two kids after work. You know, because I like to torture myself. 😛

After work yesterday, I picked up the kids and had a glass of wine to celebrate my in-laws’ 42nd Anniversary. It feels like yesterday when we were celebrating their 40th Anniversary. How time flies. They loved the anniversary card that we got for them as well as the gifts. I just had pictures printed out and two of them framed.

I am going to get this picture framed for their birthdays. Or maybe I could get it on canvas. I hate to get it for them on canvas when they might not like the picture that much. So maybe I just get it enlarged.

The Sanchez Family

The Sanchez Family

Lili and I made this card for them a few weeks back.

happy anniversary

They’re really a great example of two married people. My FIL is going to make them fillet mignon & lobsters for dinner with champagne. How romantic.

Now back to pressing matters: Run at lunch or food shop? Food shop means we’ll have food for dinner. Run at lunch means my husband will start a fight with me. I think I could handle a fight tonight. Hmmm…

Honestly, I could do either or bc I love running and I love Trader Joe’s. But I love running more. HA. 🙂

And, the weekend is here… (for me at least!).


3 thoughts on “Forty-Two

    • I know. I just text P and he said, “go run! it’s so nice out! I’ll go food shopping later after dinner!” Then I said, “Well, we need food for dinner.” Then he said, “Oh. hahaha” but didn’t say whether I should continue with the idea of running. LOL I think he’s saying, “Girl, you better get dinner on that table or I”ll give you something to run for… and it ain’t gonna look pretty!”

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