Light It Up Blue


Today I ran my 3-miles for Autism Awareness Day and I wore my BLUE. I have some dear friends that have family members with autism, so today, I dedicate my miles for you. 🙂



After my run, I tried out the new CVS photo app and picked up some new pictures. The ones I had up at work were so old and I’m embarrassed to say that I only had one picture of Sebastian up. Bad Mommy!!! So now I have my new pictures up and I love my work desk.



<3 my kids

❤ my kids

I also picked up Thank You cards and an anniversary card for my in-laws. It's their 43rd Anniversary tomorrow. The kids gave their card this morning.


I’m not sure if we’ll see them tomorrow, so I picked up a small gift for them. Hopefully they will like it.

Yesterday, after work, I took the kids to the park. It was cloudy and looked like rain might come down, but the sun came out as a I turned the corner.

Off to the Park

Off to the Park

I ended up running into a friend. The last time I saw her was when I was 36.5-weeks pregnant. She has three kids: twin boys, Jeremy & Jacque and a daughter, Juliana. It was great running into her. Lili had so much fun.

Jeremy pushing Lili

Jeremy pushing Lili



Bridge Fun

Bridge Fun


park 1

I was very proud of her. On our way to the park, I turned down the music and had a talk with Lili. I told her we would go to the park, but once it was time to go, I didn’t want any crying. She did GREAT. There were no tears or tantrums. 🙂

We came home and got dinner together. Guess who likes carrots?

Mmm, Carrots.

Mmm, Carrots.

Uh, yeah, don’t mind the girly bib. My brother’s girlfriend pointed that one out. HA.

Have you tried a photo app? How do you like it?
The CVS photo app is great. I just picked photos right on my album (it gives you the option to print out from Facebook too) and they were developed in an hour.

Ever run for charity? Which one? If not, would you?

Happy Wednesday!!!


8 thoughts on “Light It Up Blue

    • Tell me about it. I felt awful for not having any pics of the baby in the house. Unfortunately, Pedro took my copies so now I still don’t have any pics. HAHAH

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