It’s a Sign

Chalean Extreme Burn Circuit 2 – COMPLETED

Since I took the later lunch today, I completely missed out on a run. I thought the rain was supposed to start around 4-5, but I was wrong. At least it will be nice tomorrow. I needed a good strength workout in my schedule. I try not to complain about work because I’m lucky that I get to workout in the back room.

Secret Workout Room

Secret Workout Room

My boss came in to see what workout I was doing and wanted to join, but she had too much work to do, so she took some snapshots and let me workout in peace. Unfortunately, I am behind on my runs this week so I will have to play catch-up towards the end of the week. Oh, that’s starting tomorrow. I’m glad it will at least be in the 50s.

I got a strange phone call at work today — I think it’s a sign that I need to go race in Florida.

FL Marathon?

FL Marathon?

Me and my signs. They’re usually wrong. HA.

Hoping for a quiet evening, though I have so much to do. I am still shocked that March is almost over!!!! The months are just zippin’ on by.

Who’s ready for SPRING? Do you actually do Spring cleaning? Have you put winter clothes away?

Sadly, I don’t really put clothes away (Spring/Summer/Winter). I need to be better organized…

Are you one of those, “it’s a sign?” people, like myself? I’m big on Astrology if that counts for anything. When I first started dating P I couldn’t believe I was dating a Cancer. Gemini and a Cancer? Huh???

I know, it’s silly. πŸ™‚

Happy Wednesday!


12 thoughts on “It’s a Sign

      • seriously woman???? You have your goals set high!!! let’s plan for 2016 – I think I better hit the gym and start training – now!!!

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