Can I Beat the Rain?

12:00 PM: Run – PENDING

The last few days, my co-worker has asked to go to work at 12. I prefer that slot (mainly because I lack motivation as the day goes on) but was fine with going at 1, especially since it was warmer out by 1 both days. Today, however, is a different story. I would prefer to go at 12 because there’s a chance it’ll start raining at 1pm.

Rain, Rain, Go Away... At least till after 1pm Today...

Rain, Rain, Go Away… At least till after 1pm Today…

So, I am ready to get this run on…

The Gear

The Gear

Of course, I forgot a hat. Please don’t rain. Initially, I was planning on not running today — so this morning, I just grabbed whatever I could from my workout drawers. I didn’t lay anything out the night before because I was up late last night. I’ll get to that in a bit.

Yesterday, I ran my 3-miles and headed over to Trader Joe’s to do a quick shop. I was in such a rush as I was pressed for time. I ended up getting back to work on time. On my way back, I was walking behind this girl who was also leaving Trader Joe’s. When we got to the light to cross the street, she turns to me and says,

Random Girl: Did you just go for a run?
Me: Yes.
Random Girl: I’m so jealous! I know I won’t be able to run after work.
Me: I know. I hardly have any energy after work… You should go during lunch.
Random Girl: Oh, I can’t go during lunch.
Me: Oh, I don’t shower after I run… I know that’s gross, but I just do a quick wipe-down and hope that nobody is offended by my odor.

Turns out we both work in the same complex, so she says…

RG: Where do you work?
Me: S&P. Where do you work?
RG: FM. How long is your lunch?
Me: An hour.
RG: You just gave me an idea.
Me: Well, anytime you want to run at lunch, give me a call!
RG: I will!

Oh, will I have a new running friend at lunch???? How amazing would that be?

Anyhow, the rest of the workday flew. I had some work to do, ate my lunch late, pumped and by the time I knew it, it was closing time. I gathered my things and headed over to my in-laws. I got there close to 5:30. I packed the kids in and off we went to the park to celebrate more of Sebastian’s Half-Birthday. Yes, I know… ridiculous, but you know, the weather was BEAUTIFUL. You have to take advantage of days like yesterday.





Taking over the Swings

Taking over the Swings

My Girl

My Girl

Lili had a blast. There were these other kids she started to play with, and hour had flown and we had to go. She didn’t leave without a fight though. Tantrum City!!! Oh gosh. I had to give it to her in the car. Anyhow, I got the kids strapped in and we were home by 6:45. I fed the baby and then started dinner at around 7. Dinner wasn’t done until 8. I had time to play with the kids for a bit while dinner was on the stove. We ate and I even fed Sebastian some oatmeal for the first time ever.

Where's my Milk???

Where’s my Milk???

He opened his mouth to eat — but I’m not too sure he liked it too much. I tried a few bites and then we called it quits. Then I brought out the cake around 8:30.

Happy 6-Months To You....

Happy 6-Months To You….


After cake (which I ate very quickly), I gave Sebastian a bath and then Lil. Sebastian was down by 8:45 and Lili at 9:20. Then I came out to hang out with P and we ended up watching two episodes of Breaking Bad. We would have watched one more, but it was close to midnight and the baby woke up — so I had to feed him and by that point, I was tired, I went to bed a little close to 1. Not a good move on my part. I can’t even remember what happened between 1-7. All I know is that I woke up TIRED.

We have dinner plans with P’s parents tonight. I’m sure we’ll be home close to 8, where I’ll have to give kids a bath and put them down. I’ll be able to read a book tonight and just go to bed early since Pedro has a basketball game to watch. I’m looking forward to it.

Any Breaking Bad fans out there?
It really is addicting. I am in love with that show.

Anybody else getting their drink on this St. Paddy’s Day weekend? I’m still waiting to hear when we’ll be celebrating our nephew’s birthday. His birthday falls on Saturday but I heard from my MIL that it might be on Sunday.

Shamrock 5k?
It’s going to be 59 this weekend, so it would be nice to race!!! We’ll see.

Happy Hump Day! And for me, it’s one day closer to the weekend!!!


One thought on “Can I Beat the Rain?

  1. How funny that you made a run date with a random girl!! I so wish I could do a RUNch…I used to go to lunchtime yoga all the time but I had to stop leaving work for so long. I wish I just had more time…ya know? Love running in the mornings though. But however you can get it done and it sounds like you for sure have a schedule down! I will definitely have a glass of wine this weekend…maybe some green wine! Ha! Have a great day!

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