6-Months, Just like that…


Today calls for speed run but I think I’ll be doing that run tomorrow on the tread instead since it’ll be raining.  It’s going to be 54 and sunny at 1pm, so I am looking forward to a run.  In fact, I’ve packed a tank for my run — but not shorts.  I was sketchy about whether to wear capris or shorts.  I’ll see if I regret not taking the latter.

On another note, can you believe my little stud is a whopping 6-months old today?  It’s hard to beileve that this was me 6 months ago.

BUMP AHEAD - 9 Months

BUMP AHEAD – 9 Months

It’s crazy that 6-months today, I was in the waiting room listening to those lives that were taken on 9/11.  We were patiently waiting for my ultrasound that would determine what the next step would be — and just like that, without breakfast or lunch, I was being told to admit myself into L&D and that I’d be delivering today.  WHAAAAAA???? Feels like a dream. And now, our baby is just getting bigger and bigger.

Happy 6 Months Buddy

Happy 6 Months Buddy

P and I were talking about how it’s amazing — one minute they’re helpless and now he’s rolling over, bouncing, almost sitting up, babbling, etc.  I absolutely love both my babies and being a mom of two.



Sure it gets rough.  I function on 4-hours of sleep at least 5-6 days a week.  My house is a mess most of the time.  I don’t get to run with friends as much as I would like to run — plans get rescheduled.  My patience is tested every.single.DAY!  Sometimes I hear my mother coming out of my mouth.  But then I stop — take a deep breath and remind myself, they will get older.  They’ll stop screaming “mommy, mommy, MOMMMMMMMY” — they won’t want to cuddle with me.   So with that, I smile and answer Lili the same answer 10x in a row if I have to and I carry the baby instead of getting that workout in.  It’s about compromise and priority.  And my family takes precedence– then running comes really, really close. HAHAAHA — Believe me, in two months, when the weather is nice out and Sebastian is 8-months, I’m coming at ya, full circle with two tots in a jogger.  Just make sure to move out the way because I don’t think you’ll be able to stop me.

I’m planning to run a 5k Shamrock Race this Saturday — I will try to make it work, if even with Lili in the jogger.  Chelsea is convincing me to DO THIS RACE!!! 🙂

Who else has spring like weather on this Tuesday? At what temp do you break out the open-toe shoes?  At what temp do you wear tank and shorts for a run?

I better get ready for my lunch run + Trader Joe’s run.  I need to get a few things for dinner tonight! Ohhh, maybe I’ll try Chelsea’s Spaghetti Squash recipe.


4 thoughts on “6-Months, Just like that…

  1. I love that BUMP picture! That is adorable. You are such a rockstar for managing to get it all done as a mama runner!! I think I might make some squash again tonight too…I just bought a big one at the grocery store yesterday to roast! Have a great RUNch! 🙂

    • I didn’t get to squash last night. I was in such a rush after my run. I ended up missing some things on my shopping list. At least i made it back to work on time.

    • Seriously, it does happen all too fast. I cherish these moment since I know he’s the last baby I’ll have — unless we win the lottery and I can have one more!!!! 🙂

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