Mom at Work: Take Three

7:45 AM: 3-Mile Run – COMPLETED

2:30 PM: Strength – COMPLETED

Baba’s at work with momma again. He seriously needs to just go on this payroll effective immediately. He doesn’t even require naps (or he fights them — anyone have an almost 6-month old that hates naps? I need some advice here!). Naps should be mandatory at the office. I’m exhausted. Unfortunately, today is baba’s last day at the office. He’s been at the office three times the last week. I don’t mind it, except it’s been cold.

He’s been great though.

It really did work out with both bosses out. My boss has been stuck in PR because of the snow, but she’ll be back tomorrow. For now, I’m enjoying some down time while my son naps for like 15-20 minutes. I’m also trying to review some files. I also did some weights while I was putting down the baby. Score.

Today’s dad’s birthday. We are celebrating tonight. He requested Chinese food from the restaurant by my job.

What’s your birthday food of choice? Can’t go wrong with pizza for me — but if someone wants to take me out, out — I’d say Spanish food.

Birthday cake of choice? Carvel ice-cream or tiramisu. YUM.

Happy Tuesday.


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