Under (and over) the Weather

I.am.sick! Well, I am actually trying to get better. It all started on Monday night. I felt something coming over me. Tuesday, I was a tad worse. Then Wednesday, by evening, I was out of it — and I mean, I was in bed with Tylenol Multisymptom PM at 8:30. I don’t know how I even woke up to feed the baby and get them out of the house to be at work on time. I was at the office ALONE! Well, wait, one attorney that uses the other office was in and him and I did nothing but talk most of the time. I was productive when I had to be and even cleaned off my desk.


When lunch time came, he said he would pick up the bill. We sifted through menus and decided to be bad. I told him I was CPR certified (but it expired!).


It was so good but oh, so gross. The attorney passed out sleeping in his chair for a good hour while I did a few things (both work and personal). The time pretty much flew. I talked to Cici off and on through the day and we even met each other at one point…


Oh HI!!! Okay, BYE!!!!! That’s how we roll…

Anyway, I got to my parents’ house and my brother and his girlfriend were there. I chatted with them and then I just got all stuffed up, tired, and decided, “hey, why don’t we just sleep here tonight???” Lili was all for it. Especially since her cousin was spending the night.


So we FaceTimed P and said we love him and good night. The baby went down to sleep, my mom gave them bubble baths. It was almost like a day off. I hung out with my brother and his girlfriend most of the night. She was doing careplans (finishing up nursing school) and my brother and I were both looking at healthy recipes via Pinterest. I was also planning their future engagement and marriage. We decided (okay, I decided) that they need to get engaged this year and a wedding end of 2015. We are going with Turks and Caicos. I can’t wait for this two to get hitched.

They met online and she moved here from CA. Crazy kids. They’re so lovely dovey.

It was a great night. I went to bed after midnight and woke up at 7:30. We ate breakfast and then I had to pick up meds for my mom that the insurance company forgot to mail to her. After, I picked up lunch and we ate. Then I put the kids down for a nap and my mom said, “Hey, do you want to go in the jacuzzi?” Uh, YEAHHHHHHHH…


Ommmmmmmm…. Complete relaxation. I feel good.

I am looking forward to going home to my husband. I’m not looking forward to going home to the big piles of laundry. Friday is the day of laundry, food shopping, cleaning, etc. Oh well. Looks like that will be spent this weekend since it’s going to be cold and we’re getting more snow. Over it.

Other plans: Outdoor run (if I am not sick), cheer Kristina on in her 50k (if it’s not too cold and I’m not still sick), food shop, laundry, and just get ready for the week.

Can you believe it’s March tomorrow? Spring races are coming up. Who’s racing?


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