5-Months & Training Plans

1:00 PM: 3.12-Mile Run – COMPLETED

I was able to slide out for a lunch run today, even though the entire office thought I was crazy.  I ran the other day when it was 15-degrees out.  Today was 18.   Upon my return, I mentioned to my fellow employees that there were in fact three other runners out there.



I was happy with this run today. It started out pretty slow, but then each mile was faster.  I love negative splits. I did an out-and-back and then headed over to Trader Joe’s for a quick pick-up.



I walked back to the office with two bags (one was a bit heavier).  One thing I love about this weather is that I can leave my food in the trunk.

trader joe's

I picked up a few essentials.  There’s some talk about another snow storm coming on Thursday.  We just don’t know how much yet.  It could be anywhere from 4-6 or 8-12 inches.  I have a feeling this will mean we’re working on President’s Day.  Oh well.  Anyhow, I got back into the office in less than an hour, changed and got my lunch.

Chef Salad

Chef Salad

The office ordered at one of my least favorite restaurants, but today I picked out something pretty good. Oh the perks at my job: running, food shopping and free lunch at my desk.

In other news,  I designed a training plan for my half marathon in May.  I have two weeks of base training before actual training begins.  I’m pretty excited about getting back out there.  I mean, I know I’ve been running, but to actually have something to train for makes things more challenging.

Oh, and guess who turned 5-months today?

Look at me! I'm 5-months today!

Look at me! I’m 5-months today!

I love this kid.

Do you follow training plans?  Do you make it up on your own? 

When making a training plan, how many times a week do you run?

I am still waiting to hear whether we’re off on Monday… I have a feeling it will depend on whether it snows on Thursday and we’re off. Well, at least P is off. Now I don’t have to do drop off and pick up.

Happy Tuesday!

One thought on “5-Months & Training Plans

  1. Nice job on your run! I’m excited that you are ramping back up your training! I’m in taper mode – marathon numero 10 in 2 wks! Typically I do Hal Higdon’s plans and/or my running group that designs plans…it’s good to have a plan but you should always listen to your body over strictly following any kind of schedule is my belief 🙂 That’s helped me to avoid injury over time. That and cross training.

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