Say it Ain’t Snow…

12:30 PM: 4-Mile Run – COMPLETED

I woke up this morning and went down to warm up the car before leaving for baby drop-off only to find my car dusted with some snow. I brushed off my car as well as P’s since he had to leave right away as he was bringing Lili to his dad’s.  I had no idea it was going to snow last night and didn’t exactly leave myself enough time to work with — but still managed to get to work on time (only because my dad had a doctor’s appointment and I was blocking his car). Even though I woke up rather late, I was happy that these two were very happy.



P said she did better today when he dropped her off at his father’s, but she was still upset. When I picked her up last night, she was as happy as could be. I miss her. I miss him too. But the bills have to get paid.

Yesterday, I had so much work to do (probably because I lose an hour from pumping and I worked out when I got to work), so I worked through lunch (didn’t do a shopping run, which is better for my pockets).

drafts & drafts

drafts & drafts

We ordered sushi yesterday. First time having it at work since I’ve returned.



Last night was productive. I did two pick-ups (first L then S) and got home by 6:15. I fed the baby and then played with Lili for a bit before we ate dinner. After dinner, I washed dishes and by that point, it was already 8:30. Where does the night go? P asked me if I was going to give them baths — well, of course? When don’t they get baths?!? It usually only happens if we get home real late or if I’m not feeling well. But for the most part, they get baths every.single.NIGHT!

I was tired myself and fell asleep by 9:30. S woke up, I think twice — 11:45 and 3:00. Then after 3, it was off and on. Sometimes he just can’t get comfortable so wakes up A LOT. However, my MIL sent me this link recently and it’s very interesting. I often think to myself, “How much longer will I nurse S?” I love nursing, but I hate pumping. Hate is such a strong word, I know. It’s just very time consuming between setting it up, washing the pump, putting the milk away, remembering to BRING HOME THE MILK!!!! I’m sure I will figure it out.

Something that took me longer to figure out was whether I was going to go for a run at lunch. Non-running friends said the usual, “You’re crazy. It’s cold out!” My husband said, “It’s colder than a witch’s teat!” Meanwhile, running friends were all, “GO! Do work!” And so I did it.

4 Chilly Miles

4 Chilly Miles

Then I came back to the office with lunch waiting for me.

Half Salad/Half Fries

Half Salad/Half Fries

I got myself a side of sweet potato fries today. All in moderation, right?

Tonight we’re having dinner with my FIL, so first I have to scoop up S and then head over (1.4-miles away — can you believe my husband and I lived 1.4 miles away our entire lives and never ran into each other??). I plan to shower there since I’ll be home on the later side. We’ll see if Lili will get a bath there too.

What’s your favorite salad? I usually love Asian Grilled Chicken Salads (not because I’m Asian) because I love mandarin chicken or Apple Walnut Salads — because they put gorgonzola in it. Today, I got the Man Salad, mainly because I wanted some BACON.

Favorite winter running gear? I love my NorthFace Gloves that I can use with my iPhone!

Happy Wednesday, Friends.


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