Get Me Motivated…

12:00 PM: 4.05-Mile Run – COMPLETED

What.A.Night! I know, it’s the story of my life these days. Poor Sebastian took a turn for the worst. On Monday, he was icky, Tuesday he was feeling better! Wednesday the congestion started, and today, he’s back to the low-grade fever with lots of congestion. We can’t win and I feel awful for my little man. Lili tried to make him laugh last night. She manages to put a smile on everyone’s face, even if she’s giving her mean look (for some reason, people find it cute!).

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time

I ended up having to sleep with Sebastian on me. He woke up at 4 and guess who else woke up? Lili. So yeah, I had two babies. Lili didn’t go back down until 5:45 and Sebastian at 6:15. The next time I check the time, it’s 7:30. KILL ME NOW!!! I had to rush but P got up to give me a hand — though I was annoyed because his idea of giving me a hand was singing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” in bed with Lili when I really wanted him to find her socks, put her boots on and put her coat on. I was still out the door at a reasonable time (8:15 AM). It doesn’t help that he doesn’t like the bottle either — so I’ve been trying to give him one last feeding as late as I can before heading to work and rushing out of work to give him another feeding, as I don’t know how he will take the bottle today.

When I got to my mom’s (8:22 AM), she gave him some saline drops, “bulbed” the hell out of his nose and then I fed him (8:33 AM) on last time. I fed him for about 12 minutes and then was in my car and heading to work by 8:48 AM. Fortunately, I was only 6 minutes late to work but none of the attorneys were in, so I was good. I mean, they don’t mind if I’m a few minutes late anyway, but I try not to do it regularly. I hope that he’s doing okay right now.

Pumping is getting old, but it needs to get done. I pumped early this morning, then I PUSHED myself out the door with a run.

Lunch Run

Lunch Run

The weather was perfect (in the 40s). I’m so glad that I went because even though I didn’t get enough sleep, I knew I was missing something here and it’s been these therapeutic runs. You never realize how good a run feels, more so when you’ve been feeling sluggish and off. When I got back to the office, this was waiting for me at my desk.

Mandarin Grilled Chicken Salad

Mandarin Grilled Chicken Salad

So delicious. My boss was out at lunch and when she returned she gave me a few things to work on, but now she’s gone. I’m going to be looking at my upcoming race schedule and seeing how much each one will cost out of pocket.

Races to Run

Races to Run

Anybody else have a list of races they want to run in 2014?

Who else gets unmotivated from running/working out?

It’s never like me, but wow, I felt run down for a minute. I felt lost, but then realized, I just needed to STOP making excuses and get out there!!! There are two things that matter most to me. My family and running. I felt like I was cheating on running… But I’m back.


8 thoughts on “Get Me Motivated…

  1. That salad looks awesome!

    With all of the things you have going on I am so motivated by your (well you and other friends of mine that have babies/families/etc) passion to get out there and get your run on! Being single (not married) and childless it is a lot easier for me to just go run like, whenever I want to. And ignore chores and say who cares it will get done when it gets done…LOL I bet caring for two babies is a workout in itself!

    • Thanks so much Chels. This is what I needed to hear. I’m sure as soon as Spring gets here, I can enjoy my morning runs with both Lili and Sebastian. My arms better be jacked. LOL

  2. I’m always impressed that you are able to stay so motivated – it’s such an inspiration.

    BTW, I found out my 20 pounds of weight gain (yes, 20) in 2013 was due to a change in birthcontrol. I should have realized this when I gained 15 pounds in less than 5 weeks. Crazy. But the weight is *finally* coming off. And I’m focusing on getting faster at running short distances BEFORE I sign back up for any longer distances.

    I have a 5 mile race this weekend. My goal is between 9:00 and 9:30 min/mile. I know, nothing crazy but between the weight gain and pulled hamstring, I want a realistic goal. Then I have a 5 mile race in February. Then I need to see where I’m at and I think I’ll do a few 10K’s until I think my pace will let me PR my 1/2 marathon.

    That’s all for now. Life has gotten much better but I’m facing some big life decisions (boyfriend doesn’t want kids. 😦 – what do do. Long story short is his family is/was awful, so he see’s no upside. :((( will talk later.
    Love ya. Miss you.

    • Kari – I am so thrilled to get such a semi-lengthy comment back from you (I know us Gems can go on forever and forever without realizing that 3 hours passed!). First things first, I can’t believe the 20 lb. weight gain. Was it an IUD? My girlfriend (who happens to be a fitness trainer) had an IUD placed after baby #1 and she gained 10 lbs. She didn’t know how when she’s such a workout-aholic and eats well 99% of the time. Before determining it was BC she changed her whole workouts and then her eating and then she said, “it’s gotta be this BC”. As soon as they took it out, bam, she lost 10 lbs in a week.

      And I 100% agree with you. 5ks to me are so intimidating, but they actually help you in the long run — you just get faster with distance from doing those speed workouts IMO. Plus, you deal with a ton of HILLS. I can’t even imagine. I do have a lot of hills where I work. It’s funny because I can’t stand them, yet some of my running friends think I’m pretty good on them. I think it’s me just wanting to get over them already.

      Oh, I’m sure the big life decision is tearing you up. What do you do? Let me know if you need to talk it out. We would love to FaceTime with you.

      How is Kimmy doing? How’s married life for her?

      Can you believe Sabrina is 13 years old? It seems like so long ago — when we were faced with that nightmare and going to visit her in the hospital often. Has it really been 6.5 years??? Crazzzzzy.

      Miss you and Love you too! Thanks for catching me up on life.

  3. That salad looks delicious, Rachel. Yum. You do have great job perks! Lili is too adorable with that book. We have a couple Sandra Boynton books, but not that one. I got my running watch for XMass and stilllll haven’t opened it up. Still too cold to run outside here. I did one day but forgot to bring my watch. I hope it doesn’t take too much to setup. Running inside is def. keeping me unmotivated. The farthest I’ve run the past month is 2 miles, bleh. But I am hitting the gym 3-5 times a week, so I’m not a complete slacker. I just can’t stand the treadmill!

    • Oh God. I know what you mean about “setting” up new gadgets. I usually leave that up to P and then he has to school me on how to use it. He got me a newer Garmin back in 2011 and it took me a year to use because I didn’t want to figure out how to use it — and my old Garmin was still working so I continued using it until it broke on me. Which one did you end up getting?? It’s gonna get cold for the next 10 days (I’m sure by you too!). Not looking forward to it — I was hoping Spring would arrive much faster. Oh well.

      • Yep – it’s cold here too. Gotta run inside (boo). I got the Garmin Forerunner 10. I didn’t want to ask for one that was too pricey so this one was 100$ and seemed reasonable and does everything I need it to… so we will see!

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