Here We Go…

12:00 PM: 4.45 Mile Run – COMPLETED

Happy New Year and I am officially back in the office (insert tears and cries). I miss my babies like crazy but I know that they’re with the best grandparents we could ask for (twice a week with my parents and twice a week with Pedro’s parents). So I can’t complain. It’s FREE daycare and they get to spend it with people that love them.

And again, as I stated in my last post, I was able to get Fridays off (indefinitely with same pay and insurance paid for), free lunches and an hour to workout. And while it was sleeting at lunch, I still took advantage.

Miss the babes but Got a run in.

Miss the babes but Got a run in.

And when I came back, this was waiting for me.

Grilled Chicken, Fresh Mozzerella Salad

Grilled Chicken, Fresh Mozzerella Salad

Was it tough? I mean, almost 4 months off. How do you prepare with TWO babies and going back to work?

Well, I did do 5 loads of laundry (still need to do 2 more). I picked out all the kids clothes for the rest of the week and placed them in a basket in order. I made sure their diaper bag was filled with extra clothes. I packed my running clothes and got all my pumping things together. I prepped Monday and Tuesday’s dinner already — just needs to be baked. I prepared Pedro’s lunch and my breakfast and snacks (since I get free lunch).

What was the main issue? How the baby would sleep (and in my case both babies). Here’s how the night went.

8:00 PM: Babies had bath and I read them 6 books (After I told Lili story time was over, she knew how to win me over — she picked out a book I love and asked to have that book read. I couldn’t say NO).

8:45 PM: Lights out.

9:00 PM: I text P to come in and help put her to sleep because Revenge was starting and I did not want to miss it. So Sebastian and I left room and I knew she was going to have a fit. This is what I hear:

Lili: Where’s mommy?
P: She’s in the bathroom.
Lili: Where’s my baby brother?
P: He’s in the rocker.
Lili: I want to see my baby brother.
P: No. It’s time to sleep.
P: I’ll sing you a song. (He sings song after song after song).
Lili: Okay, enough singing. Where’s mommy?

REPEAT 3x before passing out.

10:00 PM: Bring baby to crib.
10:30 PM: Lili wakes up crying for me. I pat her back and put her back down.
11:00 PM: Baby wakes up. I feed and we fall asleep in bed together.

3:45 AM: Lili wakes up and comes into bed with baby and I (AND ON A TWIN BED).
4-6 AM: BOTH BABIES STILL UP. AUGHHHHHHHH. They finally fall asleep.
7:00 AM: Sebastian wakes up and I feed him.
7:30 AM: Change Sebastian.
7:40 AM: Get ready for work.
7:50 AM: Wake Lili up and get her dressed.
8:05 AM: Leave house.
8:15 AM: Arrive at my parents.
9:01 AM: Get to work.

Lili had the cutest conversation with me this morning. While I was getting her dressed I said to her:

Me: Lili, I’m going to miss you and your brother today.
Lili: Don’t cry, Mommy.
Me: Okay, I won’t.
Lili: Promise?
Me: Promise.

She is the sweetest. Of course when I was leaving she said to me, “Okay, you’re coming right back!”

What was the longest vacation you took from work? 4 months was really the most for me. And it wasn’t a vacation, though I enjoyed staying home — it was the not getting paid for 10 weeks that KILLED ME!!! AHHHH… Why can’t I win the lottery?

9 thoughts on “Here We Go…

  1. Gosh I cannot even remember being off from work for more than just a few short days! I hope to take some more time off this year and go on a long weekend getaway somewhere fun. I’m thinking Vegas or something fun like that on my 30th birthday (in April). And one of my best friends is getting married at the end of this year so I have to start planning and saving up for a big trip to Hawaii.

    • Girl you don’t look a day over 25. And yes, I say more vacation time for you this year. You need to take more time off. And Hawaii is beautiful. We had our honeymoon there and I had to make sure to run at before 5am because it was freaking hot by 5:30 and HILLY. If I ever go back, I’m not sure I’m ever leave.

      • Both Her and Sebastian are the sweetest things. If I ever have a girl and she’s like Lili I’d be happy! Love the IG videos of her playing sous chef!
        I’ll miss the views when we move soon. I still have to pinch myself after 2 years that I see them everyday.

  2. Awe your conversations are so darn cute! And I love your timed recap of the night… I remember going back to work after 3 months with Avery… i got maybe 4 hours of sleep a night, broken up with feedings and changings and then worked a full day, repeat. It’s exhausting – can’t imagine it with TWO kiddos! You rock, lady. Keep it up !!!

    • You know, it’s so different with #2 only because I remember with Lili, I didn’t mind holding her ALL THE TIME! Don’t get me wrong, I would not mind holding Sebastian ALL THE TIME too but with a toddler, that’s tough. Lili does this thing — if she feels like Sebastian is monopolizing all of my (or P’s) time, she’ll put her hands up in the air in front of you and say, “Take care of ME!” Breaks my heart sometimes.

      Avery is getting so big. They’re at the stage of, “but why mommy?” HAHAH

      • Yeah I’m sure Avery would get jealous if I had a little one in my arms too. He still does the hands in the air and stomping on the ground if i’m busy with dinner and wont’ pick him up!

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