Winter’s Coming

9:30 AM: 3-Mile Run – COMPLETED

I am currently blogging from my in-law’s house but will be leaving for my parents’ house in half an hour. Fortunately I packed all our bags last night and just had to feed the baby and get them dressed. There were flurries out so I didn’t want to take Lili with me for a run. Kids stayed with Abuelo. She wasn’t too happy about that but I only did 3-miles. 


I showered when I got back mad fed baby before eating a chorizo sandwich.


mmm. So good. Anyway, today is mom’s bday. So we are celebrating with dInner. 


Happy 63rd Bday. 

true story. My mom’s birthday is really November 13 because my grandfather is superstitious he changed it to November 12. 


Are you superstitious?  

Run in snow? Or turn to treadmill?

Happy Tuesday!


5 thoughts on “Winter’s Coming

  1. LOL about your grandfather changing your Mom’s birthday – that’s awesome. And your Mom doesn’t look 63 – pretty lady and lucky you for getting her genes!

  2. Momma Andalis is gorgeous! 63?!!! She looks 40! You have good genes, no worries on aging for you! My parents have 2 birthdays too! Back then they weren’t born in hospitals so parents had to go into town to “declare” their children. If you went on a different day other than the child’s birth then you had to pay a fee. Well you know they were poor & not paying that fee lol. So my dad’s real bday is Jun 28, legally it’s Oct 5th (that sucks for retirement). My mom’s real bday Aug 8, legally Aug 1st. Mind you they don’t really even know if these “real birthdays” are the days they were actually born cuz what if my grandparents forgot & estimated a day?! I think it’s definitely the case for my mom lol! Ohh and I’m definitely not even 1 ounce superstitious, I’d be dead or have a lifetime of bad luck oh & I would’ve never gotten married either with all the superstition “laws” I’ve broken!! Haaaa!

    • So sorry I’m all late replying. That is how Pedro’s dad is. He’s not sure what day his real birthday is but wow, it’s not as off as your parents. I know this sounds nuts but I’m so into astrology and I would be all crazy like, “wait a Gemini and Leo go together perfectly. Why are we not compatible?!!!!” Lmao.

      And i certainly hope I get my mom’s genes!!! But she is good and religiously washes her face. Eek. Girl, I didn’t even take prenatal vitamins.

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