And so it begins…

10:00 AM: T25 cardio – COMPLETED

My oh-so-adorable son wants to sleep on me. It takes me at least 45-60 minutes to make the transition from arms to crib. Th en 30-45 min he’s crying for me to pick him up. As soon as I do, he’s back to sleep — But not deep sleep. The vicious cycle starts over and by the end of second time, it’s feeding time again. Ay Dios Mio. 


“But don’t you love me, mama?” I Know! SUCKER. so I am preparing this blog while he lays on y chest. 

Anyhow, the rest of my weekend was swell.  On Friday, my bIl and niece stopped over. We are lunch and he was kind enough to go to the post office for me to drop off a package. One of my good friends’ sister is having a baby girl so I packed her some things. 


It’s actually a good friend that I met online. We’ve been pen pals for five years now and still have to meet in person. I feel like I’ve known her forever. She is such a great friend. In fact, she sent me two packages of boy clothes for Sebastian. 


Such an amazing and awesome friend. Thanks Allie. Today, I actually packed a box for her. 

On Saturday. My SIL stopped over to see the kids. It was nice. 


Pedro was out buying our much needed, brand spankin’ new, iPhones. 


LOVE. Not to mention, we needed new phones. Major problem with old ones. 

anybody have the new iphone? What’s your favorite app.?

anybody watch the NYC marathon?  


Anybody race This weekend? i did a 5k which I’ll talk more about tomorrow 

here I go, take 3 of trying to put baby in crib. Pray for us, ha. 


5 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. Avery was the same way. I would sit on the couch with him sprawled me because if I put him down, he would wake up. They get used to hearing your heartbeat and it’s so comfy, can you blame him for not wanting to be put in a crib? But Momma needs some rest or hands free to do something… at that point I put Avery in the Ergo and he slept on me while I did work around the house. Have you tried that?

    • Hahaha… I’m sure I’ll read back at these posts years and years down the line and I’ll want one more. Yeah right. But yeah, I should just hold him for as long as he will let me. By the time I know, he won’t want to hug his mommy. Wahhhh

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