Random Ramblings

T25 Total Body Circuit – COMPLETED

Run/Yoga – PENDING

1.  I miss blogging regularly, whether through here or my Livestrong website. I’ve met a ton of virtual friends turned “real-life” friends (even if I didn’t meet some in person, I consider them close as we email, text and send packages to one another).  I know that they wait for me to post things just to see how I’m doing and it’s our way of “catching up” with one another.  Not too many of my real-life friends know my website as I really don’t advertise it, also, I’m not sure if they want to really hear about what’s going on with my life word-for-word. It can be a bit boring.  Seriously, baby pictures, workouts, races… not all of my friends have the same interests in me, but that’s OKAY.

2.  I’m trying to always find time to fit workouts in.  I knew that having a second baby would be difficult and I wasn’t expecting anything less.  I love being a mommy to two babies.  It was my dream and I’m happy.  However, I LOVE working out too, and I can’t always have it my way when it comes to working out — but I will do my best to fit it in.  My parents and in-laws have been great with watching Sebastian while Lili and I run.

Running Outdoors

Running Outdoors

And sometimes, when I am too tired to lug two big bags, a baby carseat and Lili, I have to turn to the good ol’ ‘mill.  I can’t complain, it gets the job done.

Run on the 'Mill

Run on the ‘Mill

I was able to test try my new Nike Free shoes that my sis got me for my birthday and they are super light. I really do like them and will use them for track workouts.  Sebastian is great while I run on the mill.  I think the sound soothes him to sleep.  I also was able to catch up on a Grey’s Anatomy episode.  Go me.  Killin’ two birds with one stone.

Also, I started Shaun T’s T-25 workout.  You know him from Beachbody’s Insanity.  I highly recommend this workout for mom’s that just had a baby because it’s only 25 minutes (not including the cool-down which is 3-minutes).  You never know when the baby is going to WAKE up!!!! I really do love the workouts so far.  I am dripping of sweat.  LOVE IT!!!! Thanks Allie for recommending it.

3.  I’ve said this a million times, but I love being home.  I really could be happy as a stay at home mommy.




4.  I love Peapod Groceries for delivering my food for me.  I can’t imagine lugging Lili and a 1-month old to the supermarket.  I could easily drop them off at either my parents or in-laws but that’s just TOO time consuming.  So food delivery it is and I’m so happy that our pantry is full and fridge is happy.

5.  I have been on top of the laundry.  Can you believe it??? Now, if I could just get to organizing closets, filing cabinets and my little nook, life would be so sweet.

I’m currently reading some books on new training plans.  I’m so excited to start racing again.  I’m thinking of the “Run Less, Run Faster” approach.  I’ve got so many running books I haven’t read, so I need to get on it.  I’m still looking for an early 2014 half marathon and a few other races in between.  The only one on my calendar is NYC Marathon 2014.  Remember I was supposed to run last year but the canceled it? Well, we had the option to defer to 2013, 2014 or 2015.  I knew I wanted to get pregnant this year so I had to defer to 2014.  There was no way I’d be able to train for a marathon if I delivered July-September.

Anybody already start looking at their 2014 race schedules? How about Turkey Trots? Halloween Runs? 

Happy Hump Day.


5 thoughts on “Random Ramblings

  1. Glow Run this weekend… woohoo! Yay for a trip to VT to relax with family and squeeze in a race.

    You’re rocking it, girl! Workouts with two kids ANNNND you’re laundry is done? Nice! I’m seriously thinking of bringing my laundry to VT this weekend since we are going up and laundry at my new place is in another bldg and i have to pay for it… blah.

  2. My family don’t know I blog. I like it that way otherwise I’d have nothing to talk about when I call, if they knew everything! The little ones are looking good!

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