So Behind

T25 Cardio – COMPLETED

I can’t believe it’s Friday already. The days just seem to fly. So much to post about but it’s too difficult to post on my iPad so the recipe will have to wait till I can sit at my computer.

We have had a pretty nice week though. On Monday, I did some laundry and prepped dinner with my babywearing outfit.

Babywearing dinner prepping style

Babywearing dinner prepping style

You have to do what you have to do in order to get things done. I had chicken adobo ready for cooking when P was on his way home. When Sebastian finally went down for a nap, Lili and I ate lunch and did some arts and crafts.

Pink Pumpkins

Pink Pumpkins

We decided on “pink” pumpkins for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We went down for a nap and then woke up to play before starting dinner. We ate, cleaned up, gave the kids a bath and read books before turning in.

Tuesday, I got up and was able to do a workout. Thank goodness. I was beginning to feel sluggish and frustrated (I’ll talk more on that in another post). We talked to Lili’s favorite Cioci, Kristina, for over am hour. Oh how we miss her so much. It was great catching up. Gotta love FaceTime

At 1, my good friend Jacquie came over with sweet Mila who is about to the. 6-months. She is so big and adorable.

Mila Jo

Mila Jo

Jacquie and I talked for hours and by 5:15 they headed out as I had to start dinner; yummy Spaghetti and Meatballs. P got home close to 6:30 so I started dinner and we ate on the earlier side. i was exhausted so got the kids and myself ready for bed. P actually washed the dishes.

The next morning we packed up and headed over to my parents. My mom took baby right away and I pumped and hung out a bit before heading out for a run. Lili was dying to come so I got her ready and we headed out.


It was a great run through my childhood neighborhood. We passed by my elementary school and ran into a neighbor.   When I put the jogger back into the trunk, Lili wanted to run on her own. She is too cute and boy is she getting fast.

When we got back in, Lili played with her cousin while I showered.  The baby woke up so I fed him and then we ate lunch. Lili played the piano for Sebastian too.

Lullaby for baby bro

Lullaby for baby bro

Sweet kids. My mom gave the baby a bath and I stayed pretty late. In fact, my wonderful mom was doing her seasonal “clean out the closet” event and it was time for me to pick out clothes. My sis got first dibs but I was able to get some great pieces.

Shopping in mom's closet

Shopping in mom’s closet

My mom has great taste and loves to shop. So glad that we are pretty much the same size and that I lost almost all of the baby weight. I still need to work on my abs.

We got home around 7:15, ate dinner then I gave Lili a bath. I had to go back to my parents the next day since the cleaning lady was coming.  I dropped off a bag of clothes for donation before heading to my dad’s. Then we ate breakfast and hung out and played.  Lili was such a good girl. She ate well and used her pOtto like crazy.

My mom got home from a conference at 12:30 so we ate lunch and then napped.

Nap Time

Nap Time

When we woke up, my mom was already feeding the baby. So I pumped then talked a little bit longer before heading home. My mom gave baby a bath again. Score. I love when she gives him a bath. She’s so awesome with babies, I’m pretty sure it’s because she works as a NICU nurse so she is with babies all the time.

When we got home, P was also getting home. He didn’t hang out too long though because he was going into Brooklyn to hang out with friends. I was solo for the night so spent it with the babies. Good stuff.

My in-laws are swinging by later on today. I’ve already done two loads of laundry, baked a banana bread and worked out. Almost time for both babes to go down for a nap. The rest of the weekend is up in the air. I always want to organize but that never happens. Hopefully running with friends?

Oh, and three years ago today this happened.

Starting our Family

Starting our Family

I remember it like it was yesterday. I didn’t think it would be a positive test but boy was I ecstatic.

How often do you see your parents?  Do you share clothes with your mom or aunt or sibling?

Do you run in the town you grew up in?

4 thoughts on “So Behind

  1. I see my mom often! She lives about 30 mins away so I go over there once a week. Also I run where I grew up!! I used to live out there so still enjoy running with my old buds that live in the area.

    I don’t know how you do it! I’m going to have to take mother runner tips from you…when I get married I want to have kids immediately since I’m getting up there…almost 30!

  2. Awe, love the baby sleeping pics and he looks like he is getting so big in your baby wearing carrier! I see my parents at least once a month because they live so far away 😦 They just came down to help us move tho – they are awesome. And my Mom and I are almost the same size – I’m smaller than her so most clothes that have gotten to big for me, I hand down to her! But we are the same shoe size, so I borrowed shoes for a wedding from her and didn’t have to pay for buying a pair!

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