Big Push #2

1:00 PM: 3-mile walk – COMPLETED

Okay, so it’s not as easy getting on here to blog, but at least I’m somewhat adjusting to having “kids”. It still sounds weird to me but I love it. I’ve been dying to share the “labor” story so here goes. I apologize if it’s too lengthy or boring, but hopefully it will keep you entertained.

If you recall, at my 37-week visit my blood pressure was still high. I picked up the container for a 24- hour urinalysis at the hospital and we took it from there. On Tuesday, I dropped off the urine and I asked when I’d get the results. The woman said 2-3 days at most. Okay, no big deal… I got home that night exhausted and hung out with Lili. We ate leftovers and then I got a Facebook message from my OB/GYN. She said I was spilling protein in my urine and that “mild preeclampsia” is >300 mg. I’m at 224 mg. So she wanted me to come in early to have my B/P done again and then to the hospital for an ultrasound and BBP to have my fluids checked and growth of baby. She says that I probably have gestational hypertension and that she’s not worried. Cool.

P and I drop Lili off at his parents’ house and head over to my doctor. Nikki, the nurse, takes my B/P and it’s still high. She listens to heartbeat and all is well. Then my doctor comes in and does everything again. Okay, she is lost but says that she’s sending me over to the fetal maternity office at the hospital. So I say, “What do you think? I’ll be induced next week?” She says yes, next week or even this Friday. Woah. Okay. She tells us to go to the office immediately but we may have to wait. My doctor brought me some snacks but. P and I were hungry. We said we’d eat after.

Tick-Tock… We had to wait at the hospital for 2.5-hours. There were people going in before us. But we waited. Hungry. But we waited. Finally we get in and have the ultrasound. Everything looks great. Baby was measuring around 7 lbs 1 oz. Heartbeat strong. Enough fluids. All well. Then the nurse comes in to take my B/P. She takes it twice and then tells us to wait. Finally the other doctor comes in and says, “OK. I just talked to your doctor. Here’s the thing, everything looks great. You’re 37-weeks and we took your blood pressure twice and it’s the highest it’s been since, 170/96. So we don’t think there’s any reason for you to stay pregnant. We want you to go upstairs to L&D and admit yourself to get induced right now.” Ohhhhhh. Okay. Then she tells us a few risk factor — baby’s lungs might not be fully developed so they might need to take baby to NICU, etc., etc. As we are leaving, I ask the doctor if I could eat and she says no. I have to have my blood pressure done again. Ugh. Okay.

As we are walking over to L&D so many things are running through my head. I didn’t have a hospital bag packed, Lili’s suitcase needed to be dropped off, i needed to contact family. So unexpected. I call my parents and tell my dad who is in shock. Pedro calls his mom. And I text the rest of the family. We get to the floor close to 1 and into a room by 1:30. We start the 20-question protocol. I write a list to P and send him home. By 2 we start the pitocin. I’m in contact with my OB throughout telling her how hungry I am. She says she’ll bring me doughnuts but had to go home first to do her squats. Ha. It sucked not having P there but I pretty much helped myself. I was able to unplug my meds and wheel myself to the bathroom. Lol.

P gets back to the hospital around 3:30. I’m having some contractions but nothing crazy. My OB gets in around 4:45 with a doughnut as promised. She says, “I wanted her to induce you Friday. If you don’t deliver today I can’t deliver you tomorrow. I’m at a different hospital!” Ugh. So much pressure. She then examines me, “ouch” I’m 3-cm dilated and she breaks my water. She leaves the room then I buzz them and say, “Okay, I’m ready for my epidural”. They all crack up.

5:15 PM, doctor comes in and starts the Epi procedure. It takes almost 15 min. Unfortunately, it’s taking long. I can feel the contractions. Turns out the Epi didn’t work. So he gives me something else. But that doesn’t work either. My doctor comes in to check me and ouch… I’m now 4-cm dilated. Then she says, “yeah. You shouldn’t have felt that… Need to do the Epi again.” New doctor comes in and here goes Epi #2. Ugh. It’s 6:15 at the point. 6:30 Epi is in and now I wait. I knew right away it was working. I wasn’t feeling much of anything. Contractions were there but wasn’t feeling it. Ahhhhh. Much better.

By 6:45 I told my OB she should go home for dinner because it might be a few hours. She says she will check me after the next shift then leave. We talk for awhile and I just hang out a bit. By 7:20 my night nurse came in and asked how I was feeling. I said okay. A bit of pressure but nothing major. She asked what kind of pressure I said, eh nothing crazy. She says, okay as long as it’s not like a bowel movement. Then I said, “Ohhhhhhhh. Wait. Yeah, that’s the pressure I’m feeling. This baby is coming now then!” She was like, “oh okay let me get your doctor.” I tell p to call everyone because it was happening any minute.

7:30 my OB comes in to check on me and I tell her it’s time. She says okay let’s check and sure enough she checks and gives me a look, “OH, you’re fully dilated. YOU are AMAZING! Let’s get started on pushing!” Pedro and I are like, “Oh do we have names?” Talk about last minute. 7:45 my nurse comes back and we start pushing. 7:50, they start breaking down the bed and getting ready. I do my final push and at 7:59 PM they say, “IT’S A BOY!!!” Pedro’s eyes are tearing up. They give the baby to me.


It was the perfect delivery and I’m convinced that had the epidural worked the first time, Sebastian would have been born earlier.


Best.Doctor.Ever. Seriously, who else sneaks in doughnuts for you before a delivery?!?


I’m gonna miss her when I’m done with my appointments. But I’m sure we will be running together often.



My kids.


Big sis status.


Our complete family.

And now I’m done. I thought about three kids. I’ve had people already say to me, “Are you sure you’re done? You’re really good at the pregnancy thing and especially delivering!” Lili’s delivery was easy but Sebastian’s (minus failed epidural) was cake!

How many kids do you have? Do you want? Failed epidurals?

Sorry for typos. I’m typing this on my iPad. I need to catch up with everyone. So much more to blog about also, i.e., adjusting to two kids, Lili adjusting to another baby, post-pregnancy body, etc. But I’ll end it here.


4 thoughts on “Big Push #2

  1. Oh wow! Such a great birth story. So glad everyone is well and you have enough time to type that all up? Super Mom! Oh and the Epi – mine totally didn’t work. I felt EVERYTHING! And then when they were stitching me up after (I had a pretty bad tear), I whinced and they were like, oh you felt that? You shouldn’t be able to feel it… um yeah I felt EVERYTHING! Sooo gonna ask for more next time – if there’s ever a next time!!!

  2. Oh god, I can’t even imagine. I wanted to push the button for more Epi but my doc said nope. She needed me to push. Lol. So I started to feel a bit of the stitching but it was a small tear. But yeah, I’m done. As much as I love being pregnant and how easy the delivery was both times… I’m too tired. Hahahahaha

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