Rest Schmest

7:00 AM: Yoga Fitness Fusion + Butt workout – COMPLETED

So, I am preparing this entry on a Monday evening. My brother’s girlfriend, Mimi, started working at my office and yesterday (well earlier today) was her first day. Unfortunately this means no time for playtime (i.e. blogging, face booking, Pinterest, etc.). Aww, shucks. At least the day went quickly, especially yesterday. It went something like this:

5:45 AM: wake up and get ready to run.

6:00 AM: Lili gets up and gets dressed. We head downstairs to try to meet Tamar down the street but she beats us to it.

6:15: Run. Catch up with Tamar. Make running plans for the week.


7:00 AM. Get settled back into house. Grab Lili some breakfast and do 35-min of weights.

7:45 AM: prep dinner (crock pot beer chicken and peeled potatoes).

8:00 AM: shower.

8:20 AM: Turn on crock pot and head out to drop Lili off at my parents.

9:00 AM. Get to work with Mimi. Breakfast. Train her for 2.5 hours before lunch.

11:30 AM: head out to dr for 37-week visit. Get gas on the way.

12:00 PM: find out my b/p is still too high. Lost some weight. Ugh. Try to figure out why my b/p is down. Told if I were 38-weeks they’d induce. Instead orders and 24-hour urinalysis. Advised NOT to run until I get results.

12:30 PM: head to hospital to pick up container so,I could start urinalysis STAT.

1:30 PM: back to work. Eat a light lunch. Start urinalysis and finish training.

5:05 PM. Leave work and pick up Lili.

6:00 PM. Home. Boil potatoes and boil water for corn. Talk to MIL to update her.

7:00 PM. Dinner’s ready.


7:45 PM: clean up. Wash dishes. Clean living room.

8:15 PM. Give Lili a bath. Get into bed for snuggles and cuddles. FaceTime her cousin to see how her first day of school went.

10:00 PM. Prepare blog entry and figure out dinner for tomorrow.

I did talk to my OB/GYN for a good half hour via Facebook messenger. She knows I want to race this weekend so she will let me know as soon as my results come back. I mean this may determine whether I’ll be induced next week. Yikes.

Ever have to do a 24-hour urinalysis? Although I have one of the easiest it is still quite annoying. I don’t know how ill do tonight. Urine needs to be stored in the fridge. Sucks since I pee often in the middle of the night.

I won’t complain though as it could be worse. I’m glad everything else is normal. And at least I was given the okay to do yoga.

3 thoughts on “Rest Schmest

  1. I hope you everything turns out ok. Do you feel any different when your bp is high? They tell you it’s high, yet you go home & do amillion more things! Slow down! (Yess I’m yelling at you, but only bc I love you). My mom once told me that throughout her whole 1st pregnancy, she had very high bp & consequently had to go on a very strict diet which caused her to loose weight. Then towards the end it was strict bedrest, real rest though, not your kind lol. They never explained to her why her bp was so high but that was 1981/2 lol. Feel better! Love you!

  2. Wow. Busy woman. I should do a recap of a typical day like that. It would make me feel accomplished instead of thinking ‘where did the day go!?’

    Good luck with the results from ur test and hope you can run this weekend. I’m running tomorrow. WooHoo. Only get weekend time to run now… but I do what I have to. I’ll be thinking of you 🙂

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