Unexpected 4-Day Weekend

3:15 PM: 3.1-Mile Run – COMPLETED

A quick update: I got a phone call from my OB/GYN’s office about my blood work yesterday and the receptionist said that it came back all normal. Thank you, lord. I was a bit apprehensive about the high blood pressure but I’m glad that it was nothing serious — and of course, I have my 37-week appointment on Monday, so we’ll have an update then. Anyway, when she called with the results, I asked her if I was cleared to run and she hesitated and I know she did not ask my doctor herself because her response was, “She wants you to take it easy.”. I said okay and left it at that even though it was still lingering in my head. Anyhow, a few hours later, my OB/GYN Facebook messaged me and said, “Hey, your labs came out all normal. You can misbehave… i.e. run.” HA. I was going to message her later on that evening to ask her if I could run. Gotta love her.

Anyhow, I was scheduled to run with Tamar this morning, but last night was super busy (we did two loads of laundry and I put away a lot of my maternity clothes that I’m no longer using and cleaned out my closet). It wasn’t too crazy at work, in fact, pretty slow to the point where the big wig suggested one person left at 1 and the other waited till one of our clients came in to pick up their check (which would be around 3-3:30). Whoever stayed the later time had the full day off Friday and the other has to come in until 11. My co-worker was exhausted so suggested leaving earlier, which was FINE BY ME. Who wouldn’t want a 4-day weekend?!?

I got up at 6:05 AM when I saw Tamar’s message and there was NO way I was going to be ready on time. So I told her to go without me. It was best though as I was too tired still. I ended up feeding Lili some breakfast and then by 8:45 we headed out for some light grocery shopping.

Little-BIg Helper

Little-BIg Helper

Lili had a blast food shopping today. She put some strawberries, pineapples, apples, cereal, etc. into her cart. The man at the register gave her stickers and she did not mind giving up her shopping cart. Smart guy.

Wait mom, let me check the list once more...

Wait mom, let me check the list once more…

After food shopping, I wanted to stop at the running store but it didn’t open for another half hour so decided on grabbing a bite to eat at the Dunkin’ Donuts down the street. Fortunately, I had my groceries in the big coolers that keep food cold for at least 4-hours.

Munchkin for my Munchkin

Munchkin for my Munchkin

While we were at D&D, P text me if we felt like bringing him breakfast. Of course, we love him so much, so we decided to skip the running store, head over to the bagel spot down the street and then to his job. Of course, it took us 45-minutes altogether. He works about 25-minutes away from where we were, which was by my job. When we got to his job, Lili was a bit cranky. She fell asleep right when we were exiting the highway. So I sat in the car for about 10-minutes before making my way in. I had to carry her, then two big cooler bags of grocery. I put the groceries away and then put her back down for a nap. She slept another 2-hours and I just laid in bed with her, trying to nap.

When she finally woke up, we had a light lunch and a snack and then I unfolded the tread. I decided to keep it indoors since it was a tad humid out. Plus, I wasn’t sure how I was feeling… Good thing I kept it on the tread. I had to pee a few times.

3.1-Mile at 36w + 4-days

3.1-Mile at 36w + 4-days

Post-run, I cleaned up Lili’s play-doh and then showered. I started dinner and baked cookies for grandparents #2. Just in case you forgot, it’s Grandparents Day on Sunday. We already gave Pedro’s parents their card and cookies. We’ll most likely drop off my parents cookies and card tomorrow.

Tomorrow the cleaning lady comes. She usually comes on Thursday but since I thought I was working on Friday, I asked to switch it. Now that I am off, I have plans to run early with Tamar, then shower, probably have breakfast with Lili, drop off the cookies and card at my parents, get a mani/pedi done and then go to the running store. Hopefully by then the cleaning lady will be done.

Are you guys ready for FOOTBALL? Did you hear that it’s National Cheese Pizza Day? How fitting for it to be on the first football game of the season. I love football season.


One thought on “Unexpected 4-Day Weekend

  1. Ahh I know my BF is having a field day today with it being the first day of football season!! And National Cheese Pizza Day?! I will definitely have to celebrate that!

    Cheers to your 4 day weekend!! Enjoy every minute of it!

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