Review: Mission Enduracool Towel

7:15 AM: 3.1-Mile Run – COMPLETED

I slid out of work 20-minutes earlier yesterday and was home by 5:05. I had time to go running but then I got caught up talking to my SIL and niece and nephew. Lili had a wonderful time with the kids again and Jacey took some great videos of the cousins dancing and playing. I’ll have to post a video one of these days.

Dancing Away

Dancing Away

They left at 6 and then I saw my MIL sent me a message so I skyped her in Spain and caught up with her and my FIL. They are doing well, despite the fall that my MIL took a few weeks ago. Her leg is hurt and she has been to the doctor once a week the last three weeks. They had to cancel their trip to Venice, unfortunately. But at least they are still at our family beach house and she can relax, even though she really can’t walk around too much. 😦 I hope she gets well the next week. They arrive back home next Saturday (the 31st).

As soon as we got off, Pedro walked through the front door. He had last minute plans to meet his friend in Brooklyn so I started dinner. I had mashed potatoes and baked mac & cheese leftover, so all I had to make was the chicken.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

I had a piece of chicken with mac & cheese and P had chicken with mashed. I probably shouldn’t even tell you this, but he had to wait for his friend when he got into Brooklyn and ate more at Yummy Taco. I was so mad I told him I was going to hide all the toilet paper.

Anyway, I cleaned up, gave Lili a bath, read her a few books and put her down. Then I watched some TV and to my surprise, P was home by 10. I had no idea, mainly because my phone died. HA. So I hung out with him until 11 and then I passed out. I was exhausted. Needless to say, I did NOT meet Tamar for a run this morning and didn’t peel out of bed until 7:03. Ugh. I hate when that happens. I also haven’t had the energy to do any workouts after work because the office is busy with just me here. So, I sucked it up, gave Lili some breakfast and unfolded the tread.

5k Run, Done & Done

5k Run, Done & Done

Not my finest workout but I wanted to run like you wouldn’t believe. Now if I could just eat healthier, I’d be on to something. Grrr… At least the run is done and I think I’ll have a good workout week next week since I have a few unexpected days off. As soon as I walk in, the big boss told me to take a few days off next week — and told me to take a long weekend. How nice of him. I think I will take him up on that offer and schedule a lot of LONG RUNS! Yes, that’s what I’ll do. Exactly what I will do!!!!

Moving along, I’m not sure if you remember the post from a week and a half ago on my 10-mile run with Tamar. I wore an Enduracool Towel by Mission that my husband brought home for me. I finally decided to test-try it out. It worked out pretty well. At around mile 5 (already 50+ minutes into the run), I stopped for a bathroom break and wet the towel again. Basically, you run it through cold water, then you wring it out, pull it and place around your neck. It’s supposed to keep you cool for at least an hour and that it did.

Now, it’s harder to run with and probably better (in my opinion) to use it while you’re weight training. I tried this again on Sunday. I ran with it for 1.5-miles then did 45-minutes of weights.

Run through cold water, Wring and Pull

Run through cold water, Wring and Pull

It really did keep me cool the entire time.

Place around neck

Place around neck

We have a few other items from the Mission line, including their sunblock, lip glass for athletes, an Enduracool Hoodie, etc. What I am really interested in are the cool arm sleeves. I’ll have to see if I can get my hands on those babies… well, maybe for next summer since this summer is coming to a close.

What products do you use? How much money do you spend on working out/running? Do you have a budget?

We don’t realize how expensive running can turn out to be (after registering for races, running shoes and nutrition/fuel, doctor’s appointments (podiatrist, PT, chiro), massages, etc.).


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