Fitting It In

12:00 PM: 3.6-Mile Run – COMPLETED

Unfortunately, I overslept on this gorgeous, beautiful fall-like day. I hate when that happens. Nonetheless, I prepared my bags for a lunch time run. I WILL RUN!!! was the only thing running in my head. You seriously can’t waste a perfectly beautiful day. I tried to coordinate my run so Tamar could meet at lunch but she has clients right in the middle of the day. 😦 Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. Oh well. Perhaps I’ll go back out tonight to run.

I didn’t even make it out last night with friends. Despite the heat, P had to work later than usual and wouldn’t be home until 7 (the meeting time). As soon as I got home from picking Lili up, I started boiling the potatoes and unfolded the treadmill in hopes that I wouldn’t have to use it. But when I knew P wasn’t going to be home, I just sucked it up and hopped onto the tread.

Allow me to reintroduce myself.  Tread, I'm Rach.

Allow me to reintroduce myself. Tread, I’m Rach.

I’m glad I got it in. I was upset it didn’t work out the way it should have but it’s like Tamar said, “Life happens!” And that’s the truth.

P got home as soon as I was finishing up and I finished up cooking his dinner. Then I cleaned up, gave Lili a bath, P put in a load of laundry and I tried my best to put Lili down but she was NOT having it. She did fall asleep close to 9:30 and I hung out with P from 9:45-12. Late night for me and probably why I didn’t wake up this morning. Shame, shame, shame.

I got Lili dressed and myself ready for work. You could feel the cool breeze from the windows and it was just one of those silly days.

Duck Face meets Happy Face

Duck Face meets Happy Face

I think I might take this cute little girl to the park after work.

Off to Pop-Pop and Mama's

Off to Pop-Pop and Mama’s

Okay, I’m eating some cookie butter out of the jar to get ready for my run. And of course, I have this uncontrollable bladder — I think I forgot to mention that the baby’s head is DOWN and assuming the position. Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock.

I need to scoot and get my run on. It’s just me and Pandora. I’m really into Depeche Mode station.

What’s your favorite Pandora station?


4 thoughts on “Fitting It In

    • I know!!!! I haven’t even prepared a thing for the baby yet. Eek. So bad… And hopefully I will be able to run until the day I deliver like I did with Lili. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Tick-Tock.

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