Where’s Lili?

7:00 AM: 4-Mile Run w/ Lili in Jogger and Tamar- COMPLETED

Last night was a productive day, to say the least. I scooped up Lili and was happy that I did NOT have to cook. I ended up taking nearly a 2-hour lunch with Courtney yesterday. There was so much construction going on the highway she needed to take and was half-an-hour late. I ordered P’s dinner there and 15-minutes after sitting around, I couldn’t wait to eat so I ordered my food.

Tito's Burritos

Tito’s Burritos

I’ve never eaten at this Mexican place but it’s a very tiny restaurant in the center of town. Right across the street there’s a record store that I know Pedro would be dying to go to and next door to that place is a running store (that you know I’d be dying to go to!!!). So I think we’re going to go back some time this weekend if we have time.

When Courtney finally arrived, she was so apologetic but I told her that it wasn’t her fault — she can’t control traffic. We tried to catch up a year’s worth of our lives into 45-minutes. It wasn’t easy but before we parted ways, we said we’d have these monthly dinners and we’ll try to set up a running date soon. Also, she said she’ll run a race with me!!! So I’ve already recruited Tamar to run a race or two with me and now Courtney. HA. I’m dying to run a race — I told P that I love running races pregnant because there really is no expectations. It’s the only time you don’t feel pressured and can actually just have FUN. Not that I don’t have fun racing serious — sometimes running serious is tough work.

When I got back to the office I was exhausted — but the rest of the afternoon surprisingly went fast. After work, I scooped up Lili and we headed straight home. She gave her puppy brown eyes and said, “Mommy, play play doh?” Uh, HECK NO. The cleaning lady just came today and I’m not having play doh all over the floors for at least ONE day. Okay, I didn’t say that but I said, “How about we paint?” So she agreed.

Paint, Paint, Paint

Paint, Paint, Paint

After we painted, we cleaned her up and ate dinner. She kept rubbing her eyes saying she was tired, so I told her I’d give her a bath as soon as we were done with dinner. She waited, impatiently. Then I gave her a bath and then she decided she wanted to play hide-and-seek.

Hmmm... Where's Lili?

Hmmm… Where’s Lili?

She’s so silly. She really thought this was a great hiding spot.

I put her down in bed while P put a load of laundry in — and I still have like 3-4 loads to fold. It’ll happen one of these days. We still have at least 2-3 loads to go. I’m making him do a load for me tonight.

I went to bed at midnight and COULD NOT wake up earlier than 6:20. I wanted to try to run longer this morning, but yeah, that didn’t happen. Tamar got to the house by 7 and we had a great 4-mile run. So happy. I hardly took walk breaks today — I have the weather to thank for that, I think… Lili was in a great mood post run.



Anyhow, I really want to run long tomorrow. I’m thinking anywhere from 7-8 miles. We’ll see what I can handle. I’m convincing Tamar to run a half marathon this coming January-March. I told her I’d do it with her.

How far in advanced do you sign up for races? Early to keep you accountable? Right before the price increase?


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