Scorching Friday

7:00 AM: 4.5-Mile Run – COMPLETED

Yesterday, I hit SPIN and ran into (though it was semi-planned) an old friend that I hadn’t seen since the 6th grade. She moved at the end of the year but still remains very close to the group of friends she was with in our hometown (which is great). She also lives 10 minutes from me now and works close by, so we were able to meet at the studio. It was so great seeing her and we’ll probably be riding more often together. Also, it was my first time using their showers and I can’t complain. It was very clean and they provide you with towels, lotions, shampoo/conditioner, soap, etc.

Quick Shower

Quick Shower

Fresh Towels

Fresh Towels

They also have hairdryers, hairspray, gels, q-tips, etc. Hey, for what it costs, you should take advantage. It worked out perfect. I left the office at 11:45, spin at 12, shower at 12:50, back at the office at 1:05. Yes, I’m fast like that — HA. I really needed the shower and I will probably do it from now on, until Fall when I can start running to and from without being disgustingly drenched and sweaty — though, I’ll also be in my 9th month of pregnancy.

Anyway, today I ended up running at home. A nice 4.5-mile run on the tread while Lili watched me and sat on her potty most of the time. It worked out great and even though I was running late (as usual) but that’s because I made a stop at Starbucks. HA.

Run, Potty, TGIF & Treats

Run, Potty, TGIF & Treats

My MIL was in my neck of the woods getting a massage and asked to meet me for lunch. I ended up walking (oh, it was already 90-degrees at 10:00 am with humidity and even worse at 11:15 when I decided to walk over) to her salon and we put more coins in her car and headed over to Martini Bar & Bistro. I wanted her to get a martini and at first she was hesitant — didn’t take much convincing.



And me, well, I wanted a Virgina Pina Colada, but they had none. So I got a Mango Mojito. How sad… No liquor for this chick.



We ended splitting a salad and pizza. Perfect. It was delicious and yes, I took a very long lunch today! I was sad to have to go back to the office, but hopefully, I’ll be leaving soon.

Anybody have Summer Friday Hours? Take long lunches and grab a drink? Come back a little toasty? As long as it’s not the medical field, I’m sure it’s okay (or a driving service! HA!).

Happy Friday and Keep COOL!


3 thoughts on “Scorching Friday

  1. Jealous of all of those lovely amenities! They have showers/towels/shower gel at my gym so it’s nice when I teach Monday mornings cuz I get fresh and clean and then scoot straight off to work. Weds mornings when I teach it’s close enough to home so thankfully I can go home after and get ready right quick!

    Now looking at those eats I’m craving pizza! I just had fro yo for lunch so I will probably get hungry here real soon. Going to pick up BF from the airport after work so we may have a nice night in with some takeout 😉

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. love that Lili just watches you run and sits on her potty – too cute. Avery would try to climb on the treadmill with me and he never stays still. oh potty training here we come!

    • HAHA. Oh, we’ve trained Lili very well with the treadmill. I’ve been running on it since she was in the belly and then when she was in her rocker just watching me. It is OFF limits. She gets on it after we’ve unplugged it. Thank goodness — it definitely was something we had to start EARLY on because she can hardly stay still either. Believe me… she throws a fit if she has to sit down for too long.

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