Casual Friday

7:00 AM: 3.4-Mile Run with Lili + Tamar – COMPLETED

T.G.I.F. First long week back in the office in awhile and I can’t complain as I thought it went pretty fast. We had a rough night with sleep and I was waiting to get that text from Tamar that she overslept — which I would not have minded at all. BUT, I was also ready to run, so either way was good with me. Running buddies really do hold you accountable. Lili got up and cuddled right into Pedro’s nook. She was so sweet and affectionate with him. Meanwhile, I stayed on the other end of the king-sized bed — but as soon as she saw me get up from laying to sitting position, she got up and came right over to me and said, “Mommy, I run?”

3.4-Mile Run Out and Back

3.4-Mile Run Out and Back

It’s Friday, so I treated myself to a bagel from our bagel spot. Tamar didn’t want anything. We did an out and back — then we were home in time for me to shower and get ready for work and drop Lili off at my parents.

I Love Papa

I Love Papa

Lili calls Pedro, Papa… Not “daddy”. So every time that my brother-in-law picks up my niece, Lili runs over to him and says, “Hi Daddy”. HAHA. She thinks that’s his name. Hysterical.

Jean shorts to work

Jean shorts to work

I decided to go to work very casual, like in jean shorts. I figured since the big boss wasn’t in, no big deal.

Do you have dress-down Fridays at work or do you need to always dress up?
How casual is casual?

Every time I think of dress down/casual Fridays I always think of Kelly from The Office when she wears J-Lo type outfits and Meredith with her skimpy dress and no panties. HA.

Happy Friday!


7 thoughts on “Casual Friday

    • I sometimes wear jeans during the week and get away with it. I’m telling you — if I ever dress up at work, the big boss is like, “Why are you so dressed up?” Usually it’s because I didn’t do laundry. HAHAAH Yay for jeans on Friday.

  1. It’s sooo cute that kids don’t know that people actually have names lol…or it takes them a while before they figure out people’s relation to each other. I remember my niece & nephew thought their mother was my brother’s mom as well & they were sooo amazed when they figured out that their Tia was their father’s Does lili say papa like poppa in English or like papá in Spanish? I say Papi occasionally daddy lol. My niece & nephews call my parents mamá & papá which I remember doing as a kid with my grandparents but now I use mamá, papá, abuela & abuelo lol.

    Ughh no casual Fridays in my office, which really annoys me because we don’t meet with clients! The sales offices do that! We just see each other every day! The least they could do is 1 casual day, but no! Grrr! Anyway, you’re one hot preggy let me tell you!!.Woooo!

    • Growing up, I know P called his father Papi. I asked him if it was Papa, but he just told me it was Papi. We thought that she was going to have a hard time because she calls my dad Pop-Pop. But she didn’t have any trouble at all. And she calls P’s mom abueli and his dad, abuelo. My brother doesn’t want to be called “Tito” – Uncle in our language — so she calls him “uncle” and my sister “aunt” — but on P’s side, Tio and Tia.

      Thank you so much for your never-ending compliments. You are super sweet. And I know when you decide to have a baby, you will look fabulous. You take care of yourself. 🙂

  2. Every Friday is Denim Friday and in general, the dress code is super lax with my principal. And the summer dress code for teachers is da bomb 😉

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