Run, Baby, Run

7:00 AM: 3.4-Mile Run – COMPLETED

I ended up going on my lunch run/walk yesterday. I waited patiently for my OB/GYN to respond back to me, but I got nothing, So I started out with 2-miles (holding my water bottle + my phone on hand) — Shortly after mile 2, I get a ding on my phone and it’s my OB/GYN telling me, “It’s too hot. Did you go already?” So I said, “Yes, but I’ll walk the last mile!”. I reassured her that I had hydrated well beforehand and that I was hydrating throughout the run. It.Was.Hot.

Run with the Bun

Run with the Bun

I ran with pepper spray in hand too. I work in a very nice and high end area — pretty safe, you would think, but two weeks ago, a man invaded a woman’s house and beat her in front of her 3-year old daughter and there was also an 8-month baby sleeping upstairs in her crib. He threw her down the basement stairs and then robbed her. Every single time I watch the video, I start crying. It’s just heartbreaking, especially because you see the 3-year old sitting on the couch watching this all happening to her mom. By the way, the home invasion was caught on her very own nanny cam. What a blessing that she had this and the man was caught.

I warn you before you click on this link if you don’t want to watch it. It’s very vicious.

Anyhow, I did a quick, fast power-walk while talking to Celeste on the phone. Then I headed back to the office where I changed and ordered lunch. OH the joys of a lovely lunch hour. Free lunch and a nice run.

I had plans to run with Tamar at 6:45 but was NOT making it at that time. Oh, I was still in bed at 6:20. I text her at first to cancel then to see if she’d be able to make it a bit later, but I hadn’t heard from her. I thought maybe she had left — but she actually never woke up. It happens!!! I oversleep A LOT. Lili and I were on our way out and Celeste text also that she’d actually be making it!! We had been trying to set plans all week but both of us had been out of wack with our schedules… She was able to catch some shut-eye last night and it worked out perfectly.

Out & Back

Out & Back

I’m hoping it’ll rain soon so that it will cool out a bit. The humidity is making it hard for me to run. While it’s hot out and of course being pregnant in the heat doesn’t make it easier, I’m not minding it at all. I would just like to be able to continue running. I know that the worst case scenario is I take it on the good ol’ mill, but who doesn’t prefer treadmill running?

Do you choose the mill when it’s really hot out? Do you skip runs because of the heat?


6 thoughts on “Run, Baby, Run

    • I just looked at the weather for next week, and it looks like I’ll have to do all my runs first thing in the AM if i want to run at all… Hoping I won’t have to do any of them on the treadmill, but we’ll see. Guess it’s good to at least have that choice.

  1. you’re crazy, woman! its waaaay too hot to run outside. im going the 1 mile at lunch EVERY Day. Woo hoo. But even the gym gets hot so IDK how you do it outside! eeeek!

    • So glad that you’re still doing the lunch routine!!! YAY for gym time at lunch time! Believe me, I stink b/c there are no showers at my job. Ugh.

    • Yes, I know what you mean. Slow running + hydrating before/during/after even if it means having to pee a lot. I have all my runs planned around businesses that let me use their bathrooms. 🙂

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