I Be Domesticated

6:45 AM: 3.6-Mile Run w/ Lili in Jogger + Tamar – COMPLETED

I’ve been in a cooking zone the last three days. I’m not sure how I’ll be today, but yeah, a few months ago, I started writing out all the family recipes (including some of my own that I just googled and got online that turned out to be in the rotation)into a moleskin. I love moleskins. So far, I’ve got 41-recipes and a hand cramp. I’m hoping to fill it in to the max so that I can eventually pass it on to my children.

Family Recipes

Family Recipes

From my mother’s Tortilla Espanola to my dad’s Chicken Arrozcaldo — this book is going to be in the family for years and years to come. While writing out the recipes, I flipped through to see what I could make for dinner and decided on Shepard’s Pie for Pedro. It’s my MIL’s recipe and I haven’t made it in awhile. I don’t eat it — so I looked through for something for myself and decided to try my dad’s Chicken Afritada. YUM. At first I was hesitant with the Shepard’s Pie because it was so hot and humid and I hate to use the oven in the house — but yeah, it would only be on for like 40-minutes at most. So whatever. Plus, I kind of want to have leftovers at some point this week with the long weekend.

Here are the recipes:

Shepard’s Pie


-8 medium potatoes
-garlic, salt and pepper to taste, 1/4 onions diced
-1 egg
-cheese shredded to your liking (we use mozzerella)
-1 tsp of baking powder
-1/2 to 1 lb. of ground beef (or split it with turkey ground if you want
-1/2 red pepper and/or green pepper
-1 cup of green peas

Shepard's Pie

Shepard’s Pie


1. Preheat oven to 375-degrees.

2. In big pot of water, boil peeled and diced potatoes with salt and garlic cloves (you will discard garlic cloves after). About 35-40 minutes.

3. In another frying pan, sautee in olive oil, green and/or red peppers, onions, 1 garlic clove finely chopped, until sweet and soft. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add the ground beef and cook until brown.

4. When potatoes are ready, smash potato, mix with egg, 1/2 tsp of butter and mix well. Add the baking powder as well.

5. Distribute into a pan (I usually use the standard pie dish, but I only did half the recipe yesterday so used a smaller pie dish) half the potatoes. Then put all the groundbeef mixture on top. Sprinkle shredded cheese and then extend the rest of the potatoes. Place pats of butter around the top and then sprinkle with layer of cheese.

6. Bake in oven for 35-40 minutes or until top of pie is golden brown.

7. Let sit for 10-min. before serving.

Half a Pie left.

Half a Pie left.

Pedro did damage to this pie. At least there is enough for leftovers.

While that was baking, I made my dad’s Chicken Afritada.

Chicken Afritata:


-1 garlic clove diced
-1/2 onion diced
-1 tomato diced
-olive oil
-chicken – either cornish hen or thighs and wings – a bit of skinned
-8 oz of tomato sauce
-4 oz of water
-1 TBSP of Worchestershire sauce
-1 TBSP of white vinegar
-1 tsp of soy sauce
-chicken boullion
-pepper to taste
-hot dog (optional)
-white potato peeled and diced
-1/2 green pepper and red pepper diced
-1 TBSP of hot sauce
-1/2 packet of sugar

Chicken Afritada

Chicken Afritada


1. Cook 2 cups of white rice in cooker (I did one because it’ll just be me).
2. On low fire, sautee in a pot onions, garlic and tomato for about 3-minutes in olive oil.
3. Add chicken and brown both sides (about 10-minutes).
4. Add 8 oz of tomato sauce and 4 oz of water.
5. Add worchestershire sauce, vinegar, soy sauce and chicken boullion — DON’T STIR, but close lid for about 25-minutes.
6. After 25-minutes, add hotdog and cook for an additional 15-minutes with lid on.
7. After 15-minutes, add white potatoes and cook for an additional 15-20-minutes.
8. Add green and red peppers. Let simmer for an additional 10-minutes or until potatoes are cooked through.
9. Drizzle a tad of hot sauce and splenda.

Serve over white rice.

Mmmm… I ate two servings. HA. Let me tell you, it put me right to sleep. I really wanted that ice-cream sandwich for dessert but Lili wanted me to stay in bed.

I did somehow manage to wake up without my alarm at 5:55 AM. Lili was half-asleep and I whispered to her if she wanted to come run with mommy — and boy, she got up instantly. We got ready and were out the door by 6:40. As I turn the corner, I see Tamar. YAY. So happy for her to join us, mainly because I needed her to take over with the jogger. It was good. We did an out-and-back and to the bagel spot to pick up breakfast.

Morning Runs

Morning Runs

The town I run in has the cutest benches around. They have quotes painted on them. How incredibly awesome and amazing are these benches???

Anyhow, anybody have any great plans this weekend?

How do you organize your recipes? Online? Write them out?

I’m running a 5k about half hour away with Lili in the jogger. I just got the OKAY from my OB/GYN to run — for fun, of course. Then BBQ at home and watch Twilight Zone Marathon. I’m going to try to go to pool one of the days. Maybe shop?

Hope everybody has a fantastic holiday weekend.

6 thoughts on “I Be Domesticated

  1. love you recipe collection. your kids will appreciate it years down the road. i’m not big on recipes… i love just throwing together whatever we have in the fridge. i do like to bake sometimes and that requires calling mom for the recipes!

    we’re headed to the fair tomorrow! avery is gonna love it. petting zoo and all – enjoy the holiday weekend!

    • I really do hope they appreciate it. It’ll look so vintage and antique looking in the many years to come. The best part of the book is that they’re compilations of both my family and Pedro’s recipe including a few of my own.

  2. Wow I will have to steal those recipes! I made up something random last night and made some quinoa, mixed in cheese, and put it at the bottom of a bell pepper then baked an egg on top. Random but it was actually really good!

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