7:00 AM: Lean Intervals (Cardio + Weights) – COMPLETED

Oh, so close to the weekend. Oh yeah, and I’m 27-weeks as of yesterday. I have to be honest with you — I don’t really read the weekly updates like I did when I was pregnant with Lili. I’m guessing that’s normal though?!? Also, some books say I’m in the third and final trimester while others say it’s 28-weeks. I was just looking back from my archives and I did not consider 27-weeks with Lili as third trimester. Feels so long ago, then again, it was over two years ago… My, oh my, how time flies.

27-weeks + 1-day

27-weeks + 1-day

The stripes make me look bigger than I really am — or so I’m just telling myself that, HA. Other than that, I’m feeling great. I still get spouts of morning sickness (like Sunday, I vomited before bed). The round ligament pain comes only if first thing in the morning when I haven’t hydrated well enough and I’m running. Definitely NOT fun. I’ve had leg cramps once or twice. However, I won’t complain since I’m still able to run, walk, spin, weight train, etc. My energy level is in between tired to motivated — but yeah, mainly tired. At least I’ve been in a cooking mood. I made Italian Sausage and Peppers.

Italian Sausage & Peppers

Italian Sausage & Peppers

P was actually satisfied and happy with it. You know how I know? You might think this is gross, but Pedro puts ketchup on his Spaghetti. GROSS. Last night, his dinner did NOT need ketchup. Score. 🙂

Other than that, I’m feeling pretty great. I just Facebook Messaged my OB/GYN to let her know that I’m running a 5k on Thursday. I like to keep her in the loop. She usually approves it and just tells me to hydrate and not PR. I pretty much follow instructions.

And yes, I do cheesy “old-wives tales” just to see if I’m having a boy or girl. The Chinese Gender Prediction says I’m having a…



Pshhhh… that’s what they said when I was pregnant with Lili. It’s fun to guess. The day that I delivered Lili, my OB/GYN told me she had delivered SEVEN girls that weekend and this time, I’d be breaking the streak — everyone thought BOY, except the evening staff from the day before who all thought girl. Guess we’ll find out in, gulp, 14-weeks. WOW.

Control freak? Do you want (or did you) find out the sex? Do you believe in old wives tales?


7 thoughts on “27-Weeks

  1. That is so cool that your Dr. is on board with running!! I totally want to be a running rockstar like you if I get prego. I am going to have to find a cool Dr. that runs like her too 🙂 The italian sausage/peppers look yummy!

    • Yes, I have to say, I LOVE MY OB/GYN. When I was pregnant with Lili, Pedro would always ask me how the appointment went and it’s funny – WE NEVER DISCUSSED ANYTHING BABY RELATED but running. “What’s your next race? How was this race?” She had to do my first vaginal exam (TMI) at 36 weeks and I remember putting my legs up in the stirrups and her response was, “WOW, look at those calves!” HAHAHAHAAH I couldn’t stop cracking up… Love her to death. So yes, when it’s your time, def find someone you are going to love.

  2. My husband is always grossed out by the bizarre food combinations I eat. I can’t say I’ve tried spaghetti with ketchup, but I’m intrigued … I’m glad you’re feeling good! When is your due date? (I know I could do the math but I’m lazy :).

    • Oh, my husband eats EVERYTHING with ketchup. Mac & Cheese, eggs (I mean, I eat my eggs w/ ketchup), rice, meatloaf, etc. I mean, we needs COSTCO size ketchup in our house.

      I’m due 9/30. Holy cow. Less than 2 months! Life will certainly be different with a toddler a newborn. Or wait, two toddlers if you count my husband as one. 🙂

  3. We didn’t find out Avery’s gender… such a good surprise! You’re due near Avery’s birthday (Sept 29th)… maybe they’ll share the same birthday!!!

    • Oh WOW. That would be great. If it’s a boy, I can totally try to see if he is like Avery. Yes, I’m very big on Astrology. I’m excited to have a Libra baby. LOL

      • Avery is very much so like me in his Libra qualities… so I wouldn’t mind if you had a baby just like us either 🙂 we’re pretty cool you know!

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