7:00 AM: Chalene Extreme Push Circuit 3 – COMPLETED

Happy FRIDAY, and more importantly, Happy MDW. The next two days are going to be crappy out, with rain, but I think that will make for a cooler Sunday and Monday. I want to get out with Lili in the jogger at some point as I’m running a 5k with her mid-June. I have to make sure I’m physically there with a bun in the oven + pushing an almost 30-lb. baby (not including the jogger itself).

Oh, and thank you all for your workout video suggestions. It appears you’re all PRO-JILLIAN MICHAELS! 🙂 I’m going to definitely check out some of her workouts (maybe even this weekend). For now, I enjoyed Chalene’s Extreme workout. She is awesome. I swear, last summer, she got my arms toned. I’m trying to keep my arms toned this pregnancy. Lili woke up in the middle of my workout and as usual, as soon as she sees my yoga mat and weights, she runs to unravel her yoga mat and pick up her weights.

...2, 3.... Mommy, I run!

…2, 3…. Mommy, I run!

She says, “Mommy, I run?” And then counts while she squats. I’m glad she’s learning now the importance of exercise and keeping healthy. Hopefully she will get my active genes and not my husband’s lazy genes.

Anyhow, HAPPY FRIDAY and I hope you all have a wonderful long and relaxing weekend (of course, after long runs, racing, spinning, swimming and weight training!).


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