Last Minute Fun


I’m glad I found this spin class (despite the cost) because it really works out perfect. I do wish they had at least one more day a week at lunch time, but the Tuesday/Thursday schedule works just fine. It’s 45-minutes long and at least 8-minutes with the driving/parking and signing in.

Signing In

Signing In

Yes, you have to sign in when you arrive. It’s easy and right by the shoes. So it’s not a huge hassle.

P sent me a text around 4:45 that he might be playing ball with his co-worker after work. It’s at a park near his job (without traffic 12-minutes but with traffic at least 30+ min.). I told him we would come by and watch. So I scooped up Lili really quick and then we headed over to the park.

Go Papa!

Go Papa!

It was nice. We had a little picnic going on and then we walked around the park. The playground is being renovated but it really had a nice path to walk and fountains, etc. Lili had a blast.

Getting in on the Fun.

Getting in on the Fun.

Taking a walk

Taking a walk

Lili and I split around 7 and picked up Mexican food for dinner. When we got home, we ate, watched the NBA playoffs and then I gave her a bath. I showered right after and we were both passed out by 9:45. I was supposed to get up early to straighten up for the cleaning lady and get a weight session in, but yeah, that wasn’t happening with the night we had. Lili decided to pee through her diaper and onto the sheets, so I had to clean her up at 1:45. Unfortunately, I could NOT go back to sleep and when I did, she decided to wake me up at at 3:45 for water. On top of that, I woke up with a splitting headache.

Oh, and I’m a few days late, but we’re past the half-way mark.

20+ weeks.

20+ weeks.

I am a tad bigger than I was with Lili at 20-weeks and I look like I’m carrying different… Perhaps, boy?!? I know, I know. I get sucked into those wives tales, don’t I?

20-weeks w/ Lili v. 20-weeks with Baby S #2

20-weeks w/ Lili v. 20-weeks with Baby S #2

Strange question, but for those that work out first thing in the morning and mid-day/evening, do you shower twice a day? I usually do, and if that happens then I won’t wash my hair the next morning (like today). I won’t lie — sometimes I get lazy (gross), but last night, after we were eating, Pedro was trying to figure out what didn’t smell right. 10-minutes later, this was our conversation:

P: Um, I think it might be you.
Me: NO WAY! I would totally know if I was stinky.
P: Did you run today at lunch?
Me: Yeah.
P: Well…
Me: I don’t think it’s me.

10-minutes later:

Me: Hmmm… Oh, I do think it’s me. I’m going to take a shower…

Case solved and closed!

Time to get ready to spin. Happy Thursday.


9 thoughts on “Last Minute Fun

    • I assume that’s where your results go up?!? I get the results on my page but I have to change the setting so I can see how I’m doing compared to other spinners.

      All the other spin classes I’ve taken don’t compare to this spin class. I mean, I’ve had great instructors at both LifeTime Fitness, YMCA, Cando, but you could never see the Torque or RPMs. I guess that’s why it costs a lot. There’s another new place SoulCycle, that is all over NYC and i think they’re opening up one by my job… I can’t believe it’s actually $2+ than Flywheel. Sheesh…

      • Yeah spin in general is just a great workout and great cross training for running! I am super jealous you get to see all that data. The torque board is where you compete with others in the class and they let you see who’s ahead in terms of RPMS/watts etc. It was cool to see when I went…I got second place LOL

  1. You look great! You’re probably a tad bigger only because your body remembers being pregnant (but you’re still TINY!)…I’ve head a lot of people (including my own experience) “pop” faster with each pregnancy. One of the things I’m worried about is not having enough time to get back into shape post baby#2; does that worry you at all? At least w/#1 I could workout while he was napping or they slept longer than you at that point…with 2 of them, arghh!! Scarlett (your niece’s name) is a consideration if we have a girl. ❀

    • Thank you! And yes, I did hear that too — about popping faster (and gaining faster too?!?). Do you feel you’re carrying the same? Or that you’re having the same symptoms as you did with the first pregnancy?

      AND YES, I WORRY ALL THE TIME. Funny, I just got back from spin with my boss and I told her that I’m afraid I won’t lose the baby weight as quickly as I did with #1 because of TIME. I’m sure we’re just being crazy about the whole thing — we’ll probably be losing it even quicker because we’ll be carrying #2 and chasing after #1 all at the same time, while making dinner and folding laundry. When we will find the time to even eat?!? HAHAHA

      Scarlett is a great name!!! Her full name is Scarlett Bella. We have not even figured out names at all!!! I guess we better get started considering we need a boy and a girl’s name — one thing about not knowing, right? HAHHAHAH Did you have a feeling you were having a boy with #1? I thought Lili was a boy! πŸ™‚

  2. That sounded like a conversation I’d have with my boyfriend after a workout πŸ™‚ I tend to only shower once per day, but that’s another great motivator for me to get out of bed early and get my workout done before work and thus before my shower.

    • YES. Just as long as your not SWEATING too much in the morning, I don’t see the reason to shower — though, it does wake me up — so you could probably go without washing the hair and just doing the body. πŸ™‚

  3. I thought we would have a boy the first time (we didn’t find out for either), but this time I keep vacillating back & forth; I do feel like I’m carrying the same, but started this pregnancy off 20lbs lighter…who knows! You’re right we won’t have time to eat! I’m hoping the hubby will support 30 min/day of workout time & I’ll just have to suck it up if I’m tired & workout @ home. I’m planning on doing JM’s “Body Revolution.” It’s waiting for me on the counter;-) I wish there were somewhere close to us that had a great spin class; we’re north of the metro in MN everything’s a drive…time’s a highly priced commodity, so I usually workout at home. Good luck to you; I plan on following along the rest of your pregnancy:-)

    • Ohhh, I love learning about more workouts that I can do at home. I am obsessed with Chalene’s Extreme and that actually toned my arms up. At home, I do that with Tracy Anderson’s workout. (BTW, her post-pregnancy workout is awesome — and I’ve read reviews that people that aren’t even pregnant use it!). So tell me more about this Body Revolution. Did you post a blog on it? I’ll read it.

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