It’s a….

11:30 AM: 3-Mile Run – COMPLETED

Baby #2

Baby #2

You’ll just have to wait a few more months… We think it’s a boy, but what do I know?!? I thought Lili was a boy until the day she was born. All those wives tales are a bunch of bull.

Baby Feet, looks so Sweet

Baby Feet, looks so Sweet

So why do we think boy? Just the features — the femur looked huge and the arms? They looked muscular. And I kid you not, the baby was doing crunches. No really… already an athlete.

Thumb Sucking?!?

Thumb Sucking?!?

Everything looks good and baby appears to be healthy. We’re moving right along and we’re half way there (are you all singing the Bon Jovi song now?).

Onto non-baby news, the Brooklyn Half is in 3-days. Eek. Coach Vinny is going to pick up my packet and I’m not sure if I’ll be riding in with him (at freaking 4:30 in the AM) or if I’ll be riding with Kristina. I’ll have to firm things up by Friday. Kristina and I were supposed to run today but she forgot she had a potential new client, so I decided to run solo. I haven’t ran alone (outside) in months… Pedro doesn’t allow me to run alone since I’m pregnant. I get it though. Not only can something happen but pregnant women are target for crime. So he freaks out about that stuff. The route I run though pretty busy — filled with restaurants, shops, a school, etc. In fact, 3 delivery guys know me on a regular and the local fed-ex guy. Every time we get a food or fed-ex delivery, they always say, “Have a great run today!”. HA.

Some tips (pregnant or not pregnant): Always be alert, give eye-contact (you want people to know that you’re confident), don’t run too fast that you’re out of breath just in case you do need to sprint and run with some basic necessities:



Road ID, license, water bottle, pepper-spray and cell phone!!!! (Pre-pregnancy, I never ran with water if I was doing 3-5 miles, but now, I always STAY HYDRATED!!!)

What do you always carry when you’re out for a run?!?


13 thoughts on “It’s a….

    • I find the road ID is very useful — though, I think I might have the wrong blood type on there. I better double check at my next doctor’s visit. HAHAHAAH It’s defeating the purpose now, isn’t it?

  1. ohhh what a cutie!!! Baby stuff makes me want to have one too! LoL..ok now that my “moment” is over…go0o0od tips! & on your post from yesterday…I like Pancit but my all time favorite is Turon! Omg yummm I want some Filipino food now…thanks! LOL

    • Oh, you are just like my MIL. She loves the turon. In Spain, turon is actually this almond dessert/treat. Strange, right?

      PS I am so jealous of your upcoming trips. I will have to live vicariously through the Medinas.

      • Ohh I know the Spanish turon, I’ve had it, but the Filipino one is better lol! I’m biased though cuz I grew up with sooo many Filipinos & my childhood bestie was Filipino so I ate lots of Filipino food growing up! Awww thanks :):) if the baby is a boy are you naming him Pedro? then he’ll be called Pedrito lol or does Pedro not want his name to get passed on? My hubby wants it so if I have a son he’ll be the III lol

      • You know, I still remember your one friend (not sure if you’re still friends with her) but I only knew her because I had a friend in school that was related to her (older woman), Rachel Andre. I think you told me graduate with her. Funny story, my ex of 8-years was named Andre and we had broken up around the time that I heard her name was “Rachel Andre” and I kept thinking to myself, “OH GOD, this is a sign!! We’re going to get back together!” To be young and dumb again. Thank goodness that didn’t happen. HAHAHA

        We are lost on names. It definitely won’t be Pedro the III (his dad is a Pedro also so they call me Pedro, Pedrito or Pedri. Funny story, my parents call Lili, Pedrita, because they think she looks like him sometimes. It’s funny. She cracks up!!!). I guess it’s a good thing we’re not finding out the sex. We can’t figure out both girls or boys names. HAHA

    • Thanks. I’m just running it for fun, but yes, I’m a tad nervous about it… I usually am nervous for any race, but more nervous because I’m pregnant if that makes any sense. 🙂

      • oh yeah, i could see why you’d be nervous. I guess just tell yourself it’s for fun and if your body tells you to stop, it’s OK to …for the baby 🙂

  2. Ah, you had me fooled! I thought for a minute that you had decided to find out the gender! I saw the blog title and thought “wait… I thought the gender was going to be a surprise.” 🙂

    Good luck this weekend! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

    • HAHAHHAA. We really think it’s a boy. I think it’s a boy because the girl told us to look away. Why would she tell us to look away? I mean, regardless I wouldn’t know what I was looking at — and all four U/S we had with Lili, they never ONCE told us to look away. So yeah, thought it was very strange.

      Thanks. I wish I had someone to run the whole thing with — makes me a little nervous but I am sure I’ll be fine. 🙂

  3. I always have my Garmin! Except for Friday…. Doh!!

    I love the pics of #2 and that you think it’s a boy because his arms look muscular, lol. And the in uterine crunches?? Niiiice!! Haha, this kid is already in training for the 2030 NYC Marathon 😉

    • OHH, I tried to upload the stats this morning but was having a hard time. I have to get Pedro to take a look at it when he gets home. So annoyed. I’ll have them posted and let you know.

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