When it Rains, it POURS

12:20 PM: 3.15-Mile Run – COMPLETED

When I woke up this morning, it was thundering and lightening and pouring. Kristina and I were going back and forth and we both said we don’t mind running in the rain just as long as it’s not too hard. We were in agreement and by 10am the sun was shining. She was running late and I was outside waiting for her at noon. There was a detour and she ended up getting to me at 12:20. No biggie. We decided to just do something short, an out and back — and no, we would not have time for Trader Joe’s but it’s all good.

It was clear for a minute, then a little drizzle. When we got to the turn-around point, it started coming down. Then, it was POURING. Cars were splashing puddles onto us. It was just, a mess. Of course, as soon as we hit the awning it decided to calm down a bit. Of course…



Oh, my poor shoes are drenched. (Don’t worry, they’re not drying from my space heater.. I’m air-drying them).


My girlfriend says she read that you can crumple up an old newspaper to absorb the water a little quicker.

Any tips on drying your shoes quick?


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