Let’s Ride

12:00 PM: Spin – COMPLETED

Yes, I know that it’s ridiculously expensive, but there are great instructors + the studio itself is amazing + it just works out with the timing (seriously, when I’m having a bad day at work, I have to remind myself that I get to run/workout at lunch and still get a free lunch when I return to the office). Also, there’s a FlyBarre there too, so I might give that a try also. We’ll see.

On another note, I honestly don’t know what running/workout clothes I used when I was pregnant with Lili, but I need to find them. My regular ones are getting way too tight.



Poor bun. S/he needs to breathe.

Anyway, my boss drove today and we met up with Kristina. We have plans to run tomorrow.

Boss checking in.

Boss checking in.

I love how you have to check in, they give you spin shoes (though I bring my own), free bottled water and your stats are on your account page right away with how far you rode, average RMPs, etc.

What’s the most you’ve spent on a class? Dish up. I’m embarrassed to say it’s $32/class.


8 thoughts on “Let’s Ride

    • That sounds about right. Our hot yoga studio is $22. But you can purchase some packages where it’ll be $15/class. That’s not so bad if you religiously go. I just work in a very high net-worth town. You know, where stay-at-home-moms have nannies while they go shopping at Chanel, workout and then get mani/pedis….

  1. haha that is pricey but if you love it then I love it!! I think I may have dished out $17 on a yoga class before, that’s as high as it gets. I am very spoiled with my free gym membership.

    • I should teach spin so I could get free classes. Did it take you long to get a certification?? Did you have to do a fitness certification or just something for spin? Tell me more!

  2. eek! $32 is too rich for my blood. I pay $19/month for gym+classes. I only do Zumba and Kickboxing, but I could take the spin class if I wanted. The gym is always running special boot camps and programs that cost extra and I never think twice about them cuz it’s just too expensive, especially since now I prefer to run outside – and it’s FREE!

    P.S. Love the belly shot – you’re looking great 🙂

    • I KNOW!!! But I am addicted to this gym — mainly because it’s such at a convenient time (down the street from my job and at the perfect lunch hour!!!). I think I might get a 10-package deal (it’ll be 29.50 a class… still expensive, but I’ll be saving at least $25… Eek. not that much but still… (shoot, I’m not even getting a free class out of it!).

      Are you excited for another race??? Is it strange that I am excited for you???

      • haha, I’m excited for the race – but I know it’s gonna rain, so that should be interesting. I’m interested to see how fast my mom and sis run (they’ve been training too).. and if we’ll run together..

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