Busy, Semi-Lazy Weekend

6:00 AM: Tracy Anderson’s Mat Workout – COMPLETED

I’m officially slowing down my running pace. I knew it was coming. It happened on Friday. I met up with Celeste for a track workout. I wasn’t expecting to even go nearly as fast as she had intended to go. But yeah, I thought, “Hey, let me see if I can at least do one lap with her!” Negative. Maybe I was hitting a sub 8:00 min/mi. But yeah, that was as close as it was getting. High school track came out and we did the rest of the intervals on the street. It wasn’t the same as the track: No bounce, slightly hilly and unpaved. Not to mention, the HUMIDITY. It was 75-degrees out and icky. Nonetheless, we tacked on 5-miles and called it a workout.

Semi-Track Workout

Semi-Track Workout

Towards the 3-4th intervals, I was hardly even doing intervals. I think I may have even pulled a muscle in my leg at one point. Yeah, yeah… excuses, excuses. It was a great start to the weekend though.

I was lazy pretty much most of Saturday. Though, we did go for a nice walk.

Papa's Girl

Papa’s Girl

And I recently found this awesome consignment store down the street. I “friended” them on Facebook and got first dibs on a slide. I was excited because Lili is so afraid of slides at the park. So we thought this might help her overcome her fear.



She’s finally good at it and not afraid, though sometimes, she forgets and gets a little scared. I’m sure that’s normal.

I did meet Celeste for a 6-mile run on Sunday. We both were NOT feeling it… so we decided to just run loops around the lake. It worked out perfectly. We really are solemates. After our run, I did the usual. I stopped for food and headed home. When I got home, Lili had just woke up from her almost 3-hour nap. Then we ate, hung out and lounged. I got sick around 5 and vomited — gotta love random morning sickness. I decided, (not after I threw up) to try a new recipe. I’ve actually been dying to try this out. It’s a Filipino dish, Chicken Adobo. It really is simple and tasty. Just made some rice in the rice cooker and it was ready in about an hour. (Though, like I said, the main thing is just mixing all the ingredients and then boiling it and watching it and making sure the chicken is tender. EASY!).

Chicken Adobo and Rice

Chicken Adobo and Rice

I was nervous that P wouldn’t like it but he actually loved it and said it should be kept in the rotation.

Chicken Adobo: (Recipe from Food Network)


4-5 chicken thighs (I used drumsticks)
1/2 cup white vinegar
1/2 cup soy sauce
4 cloves garlic; crushed
1 tsp black peppercorns
3 bay leaves


Combine all ingredients. Cover and marinate chicken for 1-3 hours. Bring to boil, then lower heat. Cover and let simmer for 30-minutes, stirring occasionally. Uncover and simmer until sauce is reduced and thickened, and chicken is tender, about 20 more minutes. Serve with steamed rice.

Seriously, a monkey can make this! Kidding. I had to cut threw some of the chicken because I was worried it might still be pinkish. I ended up cooking a little bit longer than 20-minutes.

On some other news, it’s EARTH DAY! It happens to be my MIL’s birthday, though she’s in Ecuador but will be returning tomorrow at midnight (into Wednesday). It’s also to be Lili’s 22-month day (yeah, we don’t celebrate often) and I’m 17-weeks.

22-Months and 17-weeks!

22-Months and 17-weeks!

Aside from the occasional vomiting, I have been having crazy headaches. It’s normal, but man, is it worst than the first time. I swear, is this what people with migraines deal with?!? One day, it hurt so bad, I wanted to vomit. I am trying to do some extra hydrating, but yeah, it’s just painful sometimes… I’ll deal though.

Anybody else watching the NBA Playoffs? I surprised my husband with playoff tickets on both Saturday and Monday (tonight’s) games. It was actually a cute way that I surprised him. I sent him a message on Wednesday asking him if we had any plans on Saturday. And he said no… but the Playoffs are on that day. And I sent him a picture of this (below) with the caption, “OH yeah, you’re going to that game!”

Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets

He was so excited! He’s the biggest fan I know. ‘

If you watch the playoffs, who are you cheering for? I’m actually a Knicks fan, so yeah, with both our teams in the playoffs, it’s pretty exciting.

Did you try any new recipes this weekend?

Did you run? Race?

Happy Earth Day!


8 thoughts on “Busy, Semi-Lazy Weekend

    • You are SO right. I don’t know how I ran alone for so long. I know, running alone is great too, but my husband won’t allow me to run alone outdoors since I’m pregnant, so boy, do I rely on them!!!! Too bad you don’t live closer. I’d be scheduling runs with you and sneaking into your spin classes, LOL.

  1. I LOVE running on the track!

    That looks like a recipe I might be able to handle. Might is the key word here. I am seriously challenged in the kitchen (pretty sure my culinary skills are worse than a monkey πŸ™‚

    Have fun at the game! I love college basketball but haven’t gotten into NBA much. Husband is a huge Dallas Mavericks fan though!

  2. LOL You know, I was thinking, “Hmmm.. maybe that “monkey” comment wasn’t a good idea. HAHAHAH. If I were winning money in races, I would order in all the time. πŸ™‚ I might also be divorced since my husband would not approve.

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