Boston Strong

7:00 AM: Tracy Anderson’s Workout – COMPLETED

12:15 PM: 4.15-Miles for 4/15 Boston Victims – COMPLETED

I’m still shook up by the events that took place yesterday. I know we all are and I hope that whoever did this will pay. After hours of trying to reach my OB/GYN, I received word that she was okay. She was there when the explosion hit and her car was pretty much out of her reach so was stuck in Boston. I was happy to hear from her, but still, I felt uneasy about her safety. I’m still waiting for her to arrive safe back to NJ.

This event made me think back to a month ago when I ran Shamrock Marathon. The only thing I could think of was how Lili and P were at the finish line waiting for me.

Finish Line at Shamrock

Finish Line at Shamrock

Last night, I told P that I don’t know if I ever want him and Lili at the finish line of any of my future races. He told me that it’s exactly what “they” want — for us to live in fear and that we can’t allow them to take that from us — and that he will continue to be at the finish line with Lili and Baby #2.

Today, I met up with Kristina and we wore past race shirts in honor of the Boston victims. We had no type of goal for today’s run but to just run freely. It just turned out that we finished at 4.15 — the same date as the Boston Marathon.

4.15-Miles for 4/15 Boston Victims

4.15-Miles for 4/15 Boston Victims

boston 2

I hope you all are safe and that if you had friends and/or family out there, that they are safe too. It’s a scary world out there.

4 thoughts on “Boston Strong

  1. I’m glad you OB/GYN is okay. It was such a scary afternoon trying to track down friends running in Boston and not being able to get a hold of everyone immediately. Thankfully I have accounted for everyone but my heart goes out to those who weren’t as lucky.

    You know, what rattled me the most was thinking of my husband and family who have been at the finish line of pretty much every single marathon – it scared me half to death about thinking they could be in harms way by selflessly being out there watching me run. But, your husband’s right – we can’t live in fear.

    Love the Boston tribute run. Did the same thing this morning 🙂

    • I thought of you too — but remembered you were running a marathon this coming Sunday. I am glad to hear that all your friends are accounted for and yes, it’s so upsetting to hear about those that weren’t fortunate — especially the 8-year old boy. How incredibly sad. I can’t even watch the news — I’m not sure if I’m also extra hormonal from the pregnancy, but I cry immediately.

      Yes, we can’t live in fear. I just don’t want to be thinking about it the entire race either. I might end up being one of those runners that as soon as I cross the finish line, I keep on running till I’m far away from the finish line (though I doubt it since I’m all out of strength by then…). Just have to keep on running and running freely.

      I’m wishing you lots of luck this Sunday and can’t wait to read all about it. I am sure it will be a very emotional one for you and meaningful. XO

  2. love your 4.15 run for Boston – so kind. We’re still all in shock here, but getting back to normalcy for those of us (luckily) not directly affected. It’s hard to stay away from the news, as there are still people in critical condition at hospitals.

    I understand why you’re hesitant to have your family at the finish line of races – but I agree with P – If anything, this attack makes me want to run more because ‘they’ want us living in fear, and instead it’s motivating me to do the opposite.

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