Ready for Spring

7:00 AM: 4.5-Mile Speed Work (6x400s: 7:30, 7:15; 7:00; 6:50; 6:45; 6:30 w/ 2-min. recovery) Avg. Pace: 8:22 min/mi – COMPLETED

It’s been crazy, busy at work as we come to a close of March — and Tax Appeals are due on April 1st. Not to mention, we’re closed on Friday (Or so I’m pretty sure we are) — so it’s been a hustle and flow kinda week.

The weekend was a blur. I took the munchkin to the doctor after it was her 5th consecutive day of having a fever (seriously, Friday night was NOT fun).

Oh, not the doctor!

Oh, not the doctor!

It turns out she has the flu. Fortunately, it was already day 6, so she was on the road to recovery, but she still had mucous in her lungs and so we got antibiotics. The rest of the day was us being LAZY. I was exhausted with the night we had.

On Sunday, I went on a trail run with Celeste. It went well, aside from her blood blister (the podiatrist had to remove her nail and give her an injection that was oh so painful) and my tailor’s bunion — ugh, we were quite a pair.

trail run

BUT it was a fun-tastic run regardless and we did close to an hour. Not too bad post marathon. The rest of the weekend, yes, I was lazy.

On Monday, I had my podiatrist appointment and she was able to give me some type of bandage to put around the bunion. She doesn’t think it’s anything that will require surgery, but the only thing I could do is ice it and use this bandage which really HELPS a lot. I can now run without any pain in my foot.

Yesterday, I went out for a short 3.5-mile (alone). I found a half marathon training plan that I will use for the Brooklyn Half (in 7-weeks). And today, I did some speed workout. I’m glad it only called for 400s. I don’t think I’d be able to hold any sub 7s for more than a quarter mile. The Brooklyn Half is supposed to be hilly for the first 5-6 miles, so I really should get some hills in my training. Yeah, my favorite (NOT!).In any event, I’m finally getting back into the groove after a very lazy week last week. I know, it’s a recovery week post marathon, but still. I was feeling crappy for not getting anything in. Next up, getting my strength workouts in.

On another note, I made a yummy dinner last night. It was Spain in our house. Arroz con pollo y Tortilla Espanola. I’m so glad that my MIL taught me these recipes. They’re so delicious.



I hadn’t made tortilla (Spanish omelette — potatoes, eggs, red peppers, chorizo, onions) in so long. My MIL made it for the week before she left for Ecuador, but I wanted more.

Other than that, life’s been pretty lame, but I can’t complain. I love my family and I can run just fine. So life is actually pretty grand.

Anybody else have a short week? Any plans for Easter?


5 thoughts on “Ready for Spring

    • WOO HOO. on being off. I’m so happy. otherwise, the next time off would be Memorial Day — and that’s like 7-8 weeks away. Ugh. Enjoy your day off.

  1. no short week for us. lucky you! enjoy it! Poor Lili… a fever for 5 days, eek! Good thing you have family to watch her cuz daycare would make her stay home – the joys of daycare. Good thing Avery’s been healty the past month.

    You spanish food looks so yummy! speaking of food, my mom gets her bday gift (the pie and lasagna pans) this weekend…she’s gonna love them!

    • So, have you had to take several days off if Avery was sick? How do you do that? Do you split time with Vinay? That is definitely difficult. And yes, we are very fortunate to have both our parents. Sometimes Scarlett (my niece) gets sick too so I can’t bring Lili to my parents — and usually it works out well that my in-laws can watch her. 🙂

      OH, i can’t wait to hear how your mom likes her gifts!!! 🙂

      • Yea, if Avery has a fever, he can’t return to daycare until 24 hours after he starts meds, or 24 hours after the fever is gone. So that means I have to leave work and take him home. So hubs and I try to split the time by me taking one day and he takes another – or he goes in early and comes home early, then I head into work. we end up still missing time at work and luckily our companies let us make it up later on. Right now I have 6 hours I still have to make up from last time Avery was sick. I had 11, but I chip away at it by coming into work early here and there.

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