Clock Watching

7:00 AM: Core – COMPLETED

I’m seriously clock-watching it today. Is it 5PM yet or what?!? I have no energy whatsoever today. The weekend sucked all my energy out of me. Here’s the recap:

Friday: Fortunately, I did some food shopping at lunch for the weekend. My niece was sleeping over so after work I picked up the two kids.

Pinky & the Brain

Pinky & the Brain

As soon as we got to the house, we played. Then I made them dinner, we played a bit more, we took a bath at around 8 and we read a bunch of books before lights went out (8:45).

Saturday: My niece had dance at 8:45 so my BIL was picking her up at 8:20. We woke up at 7, I fed them, they watched a bit of TV and then I made my MIL’s yummy banana bread with chocolate chips. YUM.

Banana Bread, Please

Banana Bread, Please

Lili couldn’t get enough of it. My niece came back at around 10:00am, so I fed her some banana bread and then they played. By 12:00, I told them it was time for a nap. So I read them a TON of books and they both passed out around 12:45.

Nap Time

Nap Time

Pedro and I ate lunch late and then I did some laundry (3 loads). The kids woke up and I was dying to do some strength. Of course, they wanted to join me.



Scarlett lasted a good 15-minutes before quitting. When I was done, I played with them and cleaned up. Then my BIL came to pick her up at about 4:45. Exhausted. I started dinner at 6 and we ate around 7. I finished up folding clothes and then did the usual night routine. I laid out running clothes too but wasn’t meeting for a long run until 9:30. I get to sleep in…

Yeah, sleeping in for me is 6:45. Lili woke up and we ate breakfast. Our morning conversation went like this:

Me: Lili, mommy has to go for a run today so Papa will be playing with you today.
Lili: (runs over to the treadmill). Mommy, here. (pointing to the treadmill).
Me: (sad face) — Yes, but mommy has to run outside.

It didn’t help that she cried when I had to leave her. I knew she’d be okay after, but still, it makes me sad.

Anyhow, I left the house at 9 (well close to it. I had to clean off my car) and got to the lake by 9:25. We were doing 18-miles – out and back – There was snow on the ground but nothing crazy. The route was pretty boring since we were on the same, long road for nearly 3 hours. The good thing was that it wasn’t stressful. We didn’t have to stop at a lot of lights, etc.

Stats: 18-miles @ 9:20 min/mi
Mile 1-14: 9:35 min/mi
Mile 15: 8:48 min/mi
Mile 16: 8:29 min/mi
Mile 17: 8:41 min/mi
Mile 18: 8:41 min/mi

18-Miles, Done and Done

18-Miles, Done and Done

And that’s when I lost my license. If you see that little, itty bit thing hanging out of my belt, I somehow managed to not zip it back up and, well, I’m driving without a license until I get to the DMV tomorrow. I couldn’t find all the documents I needed this morning. Ugh.

Anyhow, we finished our run before 12:30 and then I picked up lunch for P and I. When I got home, we ate, I showered, I baked brownies for Pedro’s Superbowl party that he was going to and I baked a mac and cheese for my sister’s Superbowl party. While the mac and cheese was baking, I gave Lili a bath, we got dressed and it was just about time to head out. And yes, I was exhausted…

While I was looking forward to being with adults, Lili wasn’t having it. She was attached to my hip and didn’t even want to play with Scarlett unless if I were in the room. I caught some of the game (more towards half-time and when the lights went out) but yeah, was with the kids most of the time.

Take One

Take One

Take Two

Take Two

Lili and I made our exit at around 9. She fell asleep in the car (just a 10-minute ride) and I called it a night close to 10:15. I just couldn’t keep my eyes opened to watch the rest of the game.

I didn’t really care who won the game, but if I had a choice, I was going with the Ravens.

What were your thoughts on the power going off? Did you guys like the half-time show?

Anybody ever lose their license? Drive without a license?


5 thoughts on “Clock Watching

  1. I lost my license a couple weeks ago. Luckily I could just re-order it online… for 25$!!! Eeek. I lost it on the way to the gym actually… cuz i don’t bring my wallet with me, just a card and id (just in case) and I lost them somehow from the house to the car from the car into the gym locker room. Oh well. And I drive without mine all the time! … not on purpose though. sometimes i leave my wallet in the baby bag from a weekend outing and don’t remember to move it to my lunch box for work. ive been pulled over too without it (just a warning cuz they changed the stupid turn only lane on me!), but they just look up the info in their car and it’ll be fine so no worries until you get your new id 🙂

    • NJ used to have the easier license to make fake IDs. Back in the late 90s, you could easily go to DMV, pretend you’re your older sister, give them her birth certificate and take a picture. Voila, you’re 21. Then they were catching on, so what happened? They changed it up and now there’s this whole 6-point system. You have to appear at DMV with a passport (or old license) which is like 3 pts. Then social security card, or bank statement with name, utility bill with name, credit card with name. Ugh.

      I am hoping that if it lightly snows tomorrow, not too many people will be there? God, I hope…

  2. The halftime show was awesome! I went home after the whole power outage thing and kinda lost interest LOL…plus with my early wakeup time I was in bed by like 9:30. Nice job on your 18 miles too!!

    • LOL I was about to leave after the power came back on and then all of a sudden it got exciting. It was so close, you’d think I’d stay up to watch it. Nope. I fell right to sleep. Guess it wasn’t that exciting.

      Beyonce looked so good. I thought it was better than Black Eyed Peas. Wait, were they last year or was it Madge last year? I can’t even remember.

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