A Stepping Stool

7:00 AM: 5-Mile Run (Avg. Pace 8:17 min/mi) – COMPLETED

Yesterday, I had a busy day. An early morning doctor’s appointment, which meant waking up at 5:30am for strength, getting baby up and ready for my in-laws, working and trying to motivate myself for a lunch time run (3-miles recovery @ 9:45 min/mi), being super swamped upon my return, picking up Lili and heading home. How exhausting? Honestly, I was not trying to be supermom/wife when I came home, so I ordered dinner. After dinner, it was the regular night-time routine — playing with Lili, giving her a bath, reading 10 books to her and putting her to sleep. Guess who slept right away, too? ME! How gross, no shower.


I couldn’t resist and bought Lili this onesie here. One of my favorite groups, A Tribe Called Quest.

We had crazy winds with rain last night into this morning. It went from 61-degrees at 4am to 46-degrees in like an hour and temps are dropping like loco. I woke up at 2am because I heard this strange sound and thought it was coming from inside our house. Turns out the people next door (or two doors down) leaves their dog outside and was crying hysterically. How could you leave your dog outside with crazy winds and strong rain?!? I got up to pee and drink some water — then Lili decides to wake up at 3:45. Yeah, so my sleep was a mess. I finally woke up at 6:45 and got into my workout clothes. I’m meeting a friend at lunch and won’t have time to run.

Unfortunately, we had ladder workouts, but I was so pressed for time, mine ended up looking more like a stepping stool. It was supposed to be a total of 7.5 miles: 1-mi warm-up; 1×1600 @ 7:45 min/mi; 2×1200 @ 7:30 min/mi; 1×800 @ 7:00 min/mi; 4×400 @6:45 min/mi with 7×400 recovery @10:00. Yeah. that didn’t happen. This is what I had time for:

1-mile warm-up
1×1600 @ 7:45 min/mi
1×1200 @ 7:30 min/mi
1×1200 @ 7:15 min/mi
1-mile cool-down.

"Can I Kick it?"

“Can I Kick it?”

I guess I can’t complain. It’s better than no run, right? Turns out, mid-way I could smell someone had a poopy diaper and couldn’t leave the poor girl in it. I mean, who wants to be walking around in their sh*t?

Last night, I went through a bunch of my Runner’s World magazines. I’ve had them since 2006 and stopped subscribing in late 2012. I just never had the time to read it.

What do you do with old magazines? Save them for reference? Get rid of them?

I’m looking forward to lunch. We’re heading to Martini Bar. I’m looking at their menu and contemplating what I should order. Hmmmm….

Happy Thursday.


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