Weekend Recap

6:50 AM: Chaelene Extreme Lean Circuit 1 (45-Minutes)- COMPLETED

A very quick weekend recap before I get into the title:

Friday: I slid out of work around 2:30 and met up with Celeste for a track workout. What was supposed to be a 10×400 workout turned into a 4×400. Not only was it down pouring but we were working on a strict time schedule. So, I got to Celeste’s job at 2:51, ran to her school and waited for her to get out. We ran a mile to the high school and started out our workout.

The Track

The Track

We first said we’d take it easy starting with a 7:30 min/mi pace. I let her lead. The first set was tough and I even thought to myself, “Oh man, if this is a 7:30 min/mi pace, then I totally suck!” Turns out it was a 6:30 min/mi. We tried the second one and she let me lead this time — it was a 6:30 min/mi again. The third was a 6:51 and the fourth was a 6:45 min/mi. The rain started coming down and I was drained. We ran back to the school and halfway through I felt ill. I had to stop and walk for a minute and felt like puking. I held it in and still felt sick. As soon as we got back to her school, I puked not once, but twice. Oh, lovely Asian Salad in the toilet. T.M.I. I’m sure it there were lots of factors for me feeling ill: (1) I’m not used to doing a track workout in the late afternoon; (2) I didn’t fuel properly; and (3) It was an intense workout.

Anyhow, post run, I headed to my mom’s, picked up Lili and headed home. I took a nice hot shower and enjoyed the rest of the evening with my family.

Saturday: My abs were killing me — most likely from Friday’s workout. I ended up just doing a few chores in the morning and hanging out with Lili. I even took a nap with her for two hours in the day. Then we headed over to our diner for brunch and then to my in-laws for an hour. We did a little bit of shopping, gift wrapping and some laundry.

Sunday: I woke up with Lili and fed her. Then I put her in bed with P so I could head out for a run with the girls. I got to the meet-up spot on time but Celeste was running a tad late. I text my sister and then she text me back that she was canceling — Celeste was calling just as my sister canceled and we decided that since she was a bit late, we’d just meet at the trails to make life easier. Also, Coach Skinny Vinny (in 2006 he weighed 350 lbs. He has lost 150 pounds and now runs a 3:10 marathon) said he would meet us there too. We were happy to have an awesome tour guide. Celeste and I have been running at the trails now for three weeks, but we take the same trails. We knew there was so much to be seen still.

Celeste and I got to the trail before Vinny, so we did a 2.6-mile warm-up. When he got there, we started the trail on an uphill. Ouch. Well, it happens this way all the time because of where we park.

Deserted Valley

Deserted Valley

Deserted Valley is creepy. Houses that are empty on this long street. I would never be able to run down this street. It reminded me of scary movies like The Strangers, or The Amityville Horror



We did a total of 9-miles with Coach Vinny, which rounded out to an 11.6-mile run altogether. We were happy with it. What I wasn’t happy was that I wasn’t dressed for a trail run. Originally we were supposed to do a road run so I dragged a thorn branch at some point that hurt like a bitch. Other than that, no other scrapes or falls. Just a good, hard run. Those 11.6-miles felt like 15-16 miles.

Post run, we stretched and then I picked up lunch for us. I showered and played with Lili. I cleaned up her toys and the living room and then took pictures of her in her Christmas dress.

Mewwwwy Christmasss

Mewwwwy Christmasss

christmas 2

She really was the cutest thing. She’d sit by the tree so excited, smile and then run over to make sure it was a good picture. HA. I just ordered the Christmas cards (Late, I know!).

So, I’ve always been so intimidated with 5ks. I think it’s because it’s really a speedy race. I’d rather go the distance, but I think the 5k will help me as a strong runner in the long run. Celeste and I were thinking of a 5k race to see where we’re at and that way we can have more of a well-rounded speed workout. Does that make sense?

I’m off to buy new running shoes. I have way too many miles on this pair I have now AND it’s covered in MUD.

How many running shoes do you buy? Do you buy a specific one for track v. long runs? Do you buy trail shoes?

How much do you spend on races a year?

I quit the gym because it was supposed to save me money, but the amount I spend on races + shoes = gym membership? I don’t think so, but I should probably keep a tab on it.


6 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Those are some speedy 400’s on Friday! I’m like you – I’m not used to working out that late in the afternoon and it totally throws me off. I always feel really sluggish on any runs later in the day. I’m glad you’re feeling better,

    5k’s are outside of my comfort zone as well, but they will really help build your fast twitch running muscles. Just think of them as a painful speed workout :).

    I spend wayyyy too much on running shoes/gear/races. I really had to reign it in this year; I was at a point for several years where I was racing almost every weekend. No bueno for the bank account!!

    • I’m trying to figure out to control my “heavy” breathing. When I push myself hard, my breathing is nasty. I mean, dinosaur-sounding (not that I’ve ever heard a dinosaur breathing before…).

      I went to the running store and got two pairs of shoes — but I have to pick them up tomorrow. Well, there’s $220. I still want to get good shoes for the snow and trail shoes. Oh, and they had such cute winter gear. I had to control myself. Otherwise, the rest of the people on my Christmas list aren’t getting anything for Christmas. HA.

  2. I used to go balls to the walls on races but it does get pricey! I was very fortunate with that half that I ran yesterday that I actually ran it for free to represent one of the sponsors. But yes, definitely have to budget for races!! It is worth it though 😉 Your little girl is just too cute!!

    • Thank you! She is the best.

      I usually have to “discuss” races with my husband — well, at least the bigger races. I ended up signing up for Shamrock Marathon before running Buck’s County Marathon on the DL. I had to ease my way into telling him because I was killing him on Sunday mornings when he had to watch the baby while I left for a few hours to run. But yeah… those races ADD up. I’ll have to just run 2 marathons next year and figure out the rest of the races that are within my budget.

      Can’t wait to see what’s on your race schedule in 2013.

  3. Lili’s Christmas dress is so pretty! I love it! I haven’t ordered Christmas cards either…. no worries.

    I only have one pair of running shoes… and they need to be replaced yesterday. I should get some new ones… they are so bad that the tred is almost gone and it makes me slip during Zumba…

    • Oh good. I thought I was the only one. I only ordered 20 from snapfish and I’m impressed. Well, first of all, they had a 40% off deal yesterday and total cost was $12.45. Not too shabby. So, I ordered before noon and I just got an email saying they are being shipped today. It’s a 3-5 business day thing. So glad I didn’t do ship immediately.

      BTW, that deal ends today — just in case you’re interested. 🙂

      I’m picking up my new running shoes. They are covered in mud. I’ll do one last one with them and then run to the running store. I’m excited to get them.

      PS – I sent out Avery’s book yesterday. Should get to you this week. What a great idea.

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