10:50 AM: 4-mile run (8:55 min/mi) – COMPLETED.

No power, still… NYC Marathon is still on. So what’s to stress?!? My race gear isn’t ready, figuring out how I’m getting to the Expo, and how I’m getting to Staten Island. I’m taking deep, long breaths.

I had a great run though this morning. I talked to my girlfriend and we are both going to see if we could take the bus into the city. Driving in is a horror. Not only do you need 3 people per vehicle but gas is impossible to get. The wait line is 2-4 hours with a $20 limit and they raised it to $4.30/gallon.

We are keeping our spirits high and celebrated our Halloween even if cancelled.


Mama & Baba Spider. Daddy long legs was stuck in traffic.

We also cleaned out our fridge/freezer.


And then I stopped at the church to donate canned foods.


I’m so drained. Again, blessed but tired and trying not to stress. I was feeling great about this marathon. Trying to keep positives thoughts.

How do you keep yourself positive?


4 thoughts on “Stressssssin’

  1. no power for me yet either…i’m going crazy, i’m getting desperate but am feeling a little normal right now…i’m crashing my little sister’s babysitting gig cuz they have electricity but ugghh this is horrible & scary with the gas situation too! ppl are animals!

  2. where’s the start location? wouldn’t it be better to stay overnight somewhere and then go to the race site? this is why i don’t race! amongst other obvious reasons.

    we were out of power when i lived in charlotte for over a week. it was brutal and FREEZING cold. luckily we still had gas, so we were able to use our gas fireplace and had hot water. i was in bed at 6pm every night. there is nothing to do when it’s dark like that!

  3. I’m so sorry you guys are still out of power. I heard on the radio this morning about the gas lines in Jersey… stinks! I hope the transit is running better for the Marathon!

    Love your costumes! Daddy Long Legs… hahaha! You’re too funny.

    Happy Friday 🙂

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