16-Months Old

Chalean Extreme Burn Circuit 3 + Ab Burner- COMPLETE

Late entries this week. Yesterday we celebrated Lili’s 16-month birthday. Yeah, we don’t really celebrate the whole “month” thing anymore, but we made the exception yesterday. First off, we woke up around 7 and I started the day with going through Lili’s closet and weeding out her clothes that no longer fit.


Four ziplock bags of clothes and a bin later, then I was off to the armoire where I had two big bags of clothes ready to be donated. I also had two loads of laundry done and four more in line. By this point, I loaded up the car, the jogger and baby. First stop, to the park for a run. We started at Lenape Park and into Echo Lake Park. It was 2-miles long and a really nice playground for Lili to play in.


We stuck around for half an hour before heading back to the car. So, we logged in about 4-miles and then headed over to donate the two big bag of clothes. I also called in a sub for Pedro since he was coming home for lunch and picked that up on the way home. When we got home, I put another load of laundry in, I made lunch for Lili and myself then tried to put her down for a nap. Oh, she wasn’t having it, so I let her play while I took a quick shower. It was quarter to 3 and time to head out to my SIL’s.

Lili fell asleep on the ride over so she was big ball of cranky.


The kids were so excited to see Lili. We ordered some pizza and baked Halloween cookies.


When we got home, Lili was in a bad mood. She was so tired but we needed to give her a bath. So we calmed her down first, gave her a quick bath, read her some books and put her to sleep. I did another load of laundry, folded and put everything away! Productive evening!!!

We still have to carve our pumpkins and buy candy for Halloween. I’m holding off on buying it because I know either Pedro or myself will eat it. HA.

What are your favorite Halloween candies? Did you trade with friends/siblings? Did you used to use a PILLOW case as your halloween bag?!?

I remember using a pillow case for a few years as a kid. My favorite chocolates are snickers, baby ruth, PB cups, M&Ms with nuts, kit-kats, twix. YIKES, that’s a lot. Pedro likes Yorks, crunch bars, kit-kats, hershey milk chocolate, OH and jollyranchers.


5 thoughts on “16-Months Old

  1. Wow, productive day! What did you carve on your pumpkins? Faces? Share! We did pumpkin carving two years ago, before Avery and it was my hubby’s first time! We’ll do it again next year maybe. Not this year. This year I already got the candy setup in bags in bowls for the trick or treaters. Avery’s got an adorable costume (a birthday gift from a friend) so we’ll trick or treat at the neighbors then hand out candy the rest of the night. My favorite Halloween candies are kit kats and twix…mmm chocolate. My sis and I would use those plastic pumpkin trick or treat containers and when we got home, we’d dump it out and sort it, then trade with eachother!

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